Ep #25: Left a 20-year career during the pandemic to co-create Mozzafiato, an online marketplace working exclusively with heritage Italian brands in the beauty, fragrance, and men’s grooming space.

So, do you love Italy as much as I do? It’s been a few decades that I have had this natural love and attraction to Italy’s culture, people, food, products, architecture, art, history and quality lifestyle. I mean, who doesn’t love the romance of Italy? It’s truly a magical country that comes with personal transformation when you visit, right? Today’s guest comes from the heart of all that. I know you will thoroughly enjoy her story.

Amy Parsons is a co-founder and CEO of Mozzafiato, an online marketplace representing and working exclusively with heritage Italian brands in the beauty, fragrance, and men’s grooming space.

She founded Mozzafiato with a partner who is of Italian heritage in 2020 during the pandemic when she had time to rethink her career path and what truly brought her joy. Mozzafiato, (means breathtaking in Italian) is Amy’s first entrepreneurial venture following a 20-year career as an executive in higher education and as a practicing attorney.

She tells her story of their combined backgrounds, passions, and entrepreneurial spirits that lit the fire to create Mozzafiato. Two years later, they continue to expand their luxury product lines at affordable prices and have a vision for the brand that will inspire you!

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Let's discuss how you can listen more often to your intuition at work and personally that will lead you to what’s meant for you. Calendly link. https://calendly.com/successcoach-marladiann/connection

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