Ep #10: His instincts led him to a flourishing Hollywood career decorating celebrities’ homes from the 80s to currently John Legend’s living room

By following his instincts, never having a plan, Bob Pranga, Dr. Christmas, created a long-standing Hollywood Christmas design brand with celebrity clientele dating back to the 80s fast-forward to John Legend’s living room.

In this episode, his lively personality matches his entertaining stories filled with wit, wisdom and inspiration. Listen to how his joy and curiosity began in NYC with decorating Mia Farrow’s Christmas tree to a move to Los Angeles working for fashion icon Kathy Hilton while building a large celebrity clientele including the infamous Lana Turner, Beyonce, and Steven Spielberg. His best advice is to always dream big, never settle, and go after what lights you up intuitively! Amen! My kind of guy!

Come meet Bob and Hallmark Channel celebrities at the annual Christmas Con Aug 5-7 in Pasadena. Tickets: https://www.thats4entertainment.com/christmasconcalifornia
His contact info: docxmas@gmail.com, Instagram: @Dr.ChristmasHollywood, Facebook: @Dr.Christmas

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