My personal journal entry from a 5-Star experience

In my morning ritual of reading uplifting content, journaling and meditation, I found the journal entry from my extraordinary 5-star experience shooting my new brand photos in Florence, Italy with the world-renowned photographer Wendy K. Yalom. I was in Florence for a month living and working August 2017. That day was truly one

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Do Less Make More

The secret to building your business around your lifestyle Good day! It’s three weeks into the New Year. How’s it going? You cramming your days with meetings, client servicing, marketing plans, social media post schedules, working with your VA team, etc.? That’s all good, however be careful of not being seduced by all

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Denying Your Desires Will Cost You

How good will you allow your life and business to get? That’s the question given to me at my mentor’s two-day retreat this past weekend. Bullseye. Right where I needed to focus. Here’s what I have to say about that... Creativity. Global Travel. Design. Art. Culture. Music. Events. Planning. Floral Design. Photography. Culinary Arts.

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Did you know your clients and team secretly want this…

Clear boundaries! So, how are your boundaries lately? Well, it’s a New Year! Time to reset, recommit, or commit to new boundaries in these areas: Self. Personal time. For example: Does your family, clients, friends and team know your morning rituals? Are you committed to your own quiet time in the am

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Creative Leaders We Love from 2018

The human spirit is so fascinating. Don’t you agree? You just never know what lights people up and to what degree. So it is with mentoring my high achieving creatives who come into my programs eager and ready to grow, change, do things differently, create better results, and rid themselves of overwhelm, discontent, and

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What Makes The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Brand Really is Marvelous

I know what I’ll be binge-watching this weekend!! The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! (Don’t worry I won’t share any spoilers!) There’s a saying, that everything has already been created, that nothing is new and that’s simply not true. There’s always more stories that need to be told and Mrs. Maisel is one of those

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8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Be More Creative

I always find December to be one of the most CREATIVE months as we slow down and curl up by the fire or in my Southern California case - curl up and watch the waves come in and the sunset color the ocean horizon. It is the perfect time to renew your own creativity.

2018-11-29T19:44:58-07:00November 29th, 2018|

How having a Grateful Heart can impact your life & abundance

Today, and everyday, I have a grateful heart. I am grateful for you, my son, my new home, my clients, courage, creativity, my body, mind and soul - and so much more. In the aftermath of the firestorms in my region of California and up north and with Thanksgiving on Thursday, the thought of

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5 Steps to Reinvention

Do you know the marketing and branding secret to Madonna and Lady Gaga’s success? They frequently re-invent themselves (brand) and business. Being in the Madonna era (80s-2000s), I was always so impressed with her as THE leader in creative freedom and re-invention; and she is still going strong. Lady Gaga is our current

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