BIGGER POCKETS – Preview podcast of Wedding MBA

October is a FULL month for many including myself! I invite you to listen in on a very entertaining podcast interview I did with Clint Hufft for the annual upcoming Wedding MBA conference Oct 14-16 in Las Vegas. I am honored to be one of 50 speakers educating, inspiring and entertaining the 5,000+ attendees over

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Ready for a higher level of spirituality?

We are all one I know you have heard and read that before. But do you embrace, understand, and practice the way that it works? The infamous quote “Be the change you want to see in the world” by Gandhi – truly speaks to that. I remember the first few times hearing this spiritual

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Use this metric for measuring your talent success

Let’s look at a very common, not so comfortable, condition called The Imposter Syndrome. Believe it or not, with a compassionate heart, I come across this in various ways while coaching creatives from time to time. If this is you – you are not alone. What is Imposter Syndrome? Feeling like you don’t deserve

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Is it time to innovate? Think bigger? Think differently?

Does innovation excite you? I thrive on it. I enjoy reading Entrepreneur magazine and the Sunday LA Times Calendar and Business sections. You are sure to find news from the front lines of innovation. The LA Times Aug 4th Calendar article, “Can Quibi reinvent mobile storytelling?” inspired today’s topic. Quibi, the new Hollywood-based phone

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Have you heard of the community site Built in L.A.?

Have you seen Built in L.A.? At first glance it looks like an employment site for startups, established tech companies, and networking events for all of the above. But, when you look at the depth of this site, it’s chock-full of ideas, creative inspiration and potential business! Here’s why I got inspired to share

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Atlanta Luxury Wedding Planner Now Lives Her Worth and Dignity!

Jordan’s inspiring entrepreneurial story represents without a doubt the most common challenges and frustrations I see in my women business owners by the time they seek out guidance to up-level their business. They know they are not making the revenues they could. They know they have blind-spots preventing their personal and professional success; and

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YouTube stars – top multiple million $ earners

Who would have known 10-12 years ago a website called YouTube would create multiple million dollar ($14-$20 million earnings) online stars and catapult them to stratospheric fame and fortune in a short time frame (under a few years) AND many under the age of 30! Unheard of during the 80s and 90s, right? It

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