6-week Group Program

June 17 – July 22, 2020

Transforming Your Money Relationship for Higher Revenues, More Confidence, and a Thriving Creative Business
6-week Group Program

June 17 – July 22, 2020

Transforming Your Money Relationship for Higher Revenues, More Confidence, and a Thriving Creative Business

It’s time to master your wealth and power.

Women and creatives of all kinds are rarely trained to be powerful with money, yet we desire and are expected to earn a good living doing what we are passionate about.

There is a big disconnect. This dynamic, highly inspiring yet practical 6-week money relationship training addresses this very condition.

As entrepreneurs it seems integrating our passion for being of service, speaking, coaching, writing, event planning, creativity or transforming lives with making a six-figure to multiple six-figure income is not in our favor due to the influence of how we were raised and what society falsely dictates with behaviors, habits and mindset around money.

What’s up with that?

During the 6-week group virtual LIVE training, your current (old) money beliefs, habits and behaviors will be compassionately explored in order to release and then transform them into a new normal that is healthy, productive, confident and empowering; a raised wealth consciousness.

I aspire for you to have a blessed, thriving, abundant relationship with money so you are rewarded well for your purpose and expertise. No more “just enough” syndrome, caving into discount requests or survival mode.

Here is what I hear from my highly talented entrepreneurs just days before they begin their coaching program…
“I was never really taught the value of money. It’s just that you needed it to survive and live paycheck to paycheck. I had no idea how to save.”
Registered Wedding Planner
“My husband and I started to discuss money goals that to me felt unattainable.
As a business owner I didn’t love looking at my cash-flow; it made me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. I also had a hard time trusting where I was investing in my business.”
Brand + Web Designer and Business Coach
“I want to better understand where I am with my work/business and getting to the next level. I want to think outside of the box and become a leader in the industry. I make ok money, but know I should be making a lot more, to not just pay the bills, but to pay me a salary I’m worth.”
Master Wedding Planner
“I’m someone who is “good with money” in the sense that I don’t live beyond my means, I don’t spend a lot, and I can easily save money. I’m also quite frugal. On the other hand, I have a scarcity relationship with money. I’m always worried there’s not enough and that I could be saving more. I worry about having enough money in retirement.”
Corporate and Wedding Event Planner
““My relationship with money was worry, doubt and pain. Growing up there was never enough and I was taught I had to work hard, sometimes work several jobs to make ends meet. When I was making great money, I would then spend great amounts which led to thinking I wasn’t making enough. It was money drama. This is what I practiced my entire life until I completed Marla’s Money Legacy Program.” ”
KonMari Home Organizer Consultant
“I have done actions relating to money and I think I am good with keeping it and spending it. I recognize money is a form of energy and is therefore under the laws of energy. But I still have some doubt or worry about placing a value on what I offer and demanding it.”
Wedding Make-up Artist
“Honestly, I didn’t really value money. I had no relationship with it. I just saw it for what it was “paper” and an exchange for goods and services. I was not confident in my money conversations when it came to charging my clients. Money felt like a taboo thing you didn’t talk about. I did not track my money nor know my numbers. I would just receive it, have it in one account and spent accordingly.”
Master DJ/MC
“Before Marla’s program, I was afraid of many things having to do with money and my worth from looking at my bank account to raising my fees. Her money speedometer tool was so helpful with my money relationship and goals personally and for business!”
Branding Photographer

Purpose of the Program:

To help you breakthrough to your next income level, clean up unconscious “money stuff” and finally free yourself from fear, lack, worry, under-earning, procrastination, avoidance or other financial self-sabotage.

I coach you in a supportive, progressive virtual group setting to create new, empowering money habits that transform your relationship with people in your life and money, increase your self-worth, improve your money mindset, grow your new or existing business, earn more while learning to keep more.

Marla’s Money Story

Today’s parenting responsibility requires the juggling of so many moving pieces while raising a healthy, well-adjusted, happy child.

I remember the joy and gratitude woven with fear, overwhelm, and uncertainty while choosing to raise my son, Taylor, as a single parent when he turned six years old in 1997.

I used a ton of faith, love, defined boundaries, inspiration, discipline, and an intention of success and unlimited possibility; no matter what. He was such a joy to parent as a child – but as fun as he was as a child; he was equally a challenge in his teens due to his high achieving personality!

I’m darn proud of being his Mom and all the rich life experiences (the good and the not so good) I went through to develop him into a well-adjusted, intelligent, and hard-working young man.

When I took the leap of faith to learn from my new mentors 10 years ago how to transform my money relationship and build a new money legacy for business and my son, I wish I had known this knowledge when I raised him.

However, I have plenty to be grateful for knowing what I know now and how I have majorly shifted in my maturity and relationship with money; a relationship that used to be bathed in fear, shame, guilt, worry, and lack 20 years ago.

I can proudly say I am now modeling a healthy behavior with money for my son.

What money behaviors have you been modeling for your family and others?

Their money legacy begins with you.

Let’s build a NEW healthy money legacy for you,

your business and your family that you can be proud of.


A healthy money relationship goes beyond your own needs.
It’s for future generations and your legacy.
Core benefits you can expect from your innovative program

The Money Transformation Method is a series of simple, yet profound questions, strategies, and exercises we go through that will quickly and creatively transform any money issue, drama or situation into clarity, forgiveness and empowerment.

We examine, explore and transform habits and behaviors imprinted from childhood, society, and other influences into empowerment with tools to help you sustain your new habits and behaviors.

This transformational model is elegant, authentic and lasting. You will find a new sense of freedom and confidence in your relationship with money and how it serves you. This clarity and confidence affects all areas of your life. I use your money relationship as a catalyst for change in all parts of your life. “How you do money is how you do everything.”

Discussions and coaching about empowering sales conversations, standing firm on your pricing and closing sales to increase your revenues and business growth.

You will experience a new integration where relationships, family, career, health, self-care, creativity, spirituality, and more become more fulfilling.

Clients are saying…

“Since implementing my new rates and Marla’s qualifying sales system, I have experienced my highest month of income in my seven years of business at $14,000 in just one month. And we are on track to hit almost that amount again this month!

I have booked five full package clients at my new rates for next year and am seeing the results. The three most profound mindset changes from being coached were standing in my worth, believing that I am an expert in my industry, and establishing and maintaining boundaries with my clients.

These allowed me to make decisions that up-leveled my business and protect me as a business owner and professional.

I now understand how saying no to taking on a potential client who does not value me as an expert is a gift I will always be grateful for. I do not allow clients to talk me into discounts. I manage my clients’ expectations about my availability by allowing myself time to recharge so I can live and work in my genius zone while giving my best to my clients.

Prior to the program, I would often take on other people’s money story when composing a rate quote. I would come up with a number I think they could afford rather than what I was worth.

This meant that I was not owning my worth, and instead allowing this to get in the way of my success. I would only quote at the low end of a package range, and found it hard to increase my pricing. I did not truly believe I was worth the increased prices. Now, I stand proudly behind my package pricing!

The sales funnel I now use made a world of a difference in how my team and I initially interact with potential clients, how we quote them, and how we successfully close the sale.

While we had our own sales system in place, it often led to us chasing clients down. Now, we are closing more deals because of the boundaries we have set around the sales process. I did raise the rates for higher income for my company and have seen fantastic results!”

Jordan Flowers, Owner Wedding Belles Atlanta

“The three most profound changes our family and college-age kids experienced from taking Marla’s Money Legacy program are:

1. Our three children now have an appreciation for money that simply did not exist prior to beginning Marla’s program.

2. Their self-confidence & self-worth have increased dramatically now that they understand how finances & budgeting work and that they are now responsible for how much money they earn and how much they spend.

3. The kids previously had near open access to Mom’s wallet for both cash and credit card use. This does not exist any longer because Mom is not allowing it, but just as important, they are only rarely asking for money because they seek the grown-up world of being independent. If they do ask for money, they can typically justify their reason for asking. If we give it, there is a whole different level of appreciation that did not exist previously.”

Brian & Kathy Johnson, Rolling Hills Estates

“My money relationship prior to being coached by Marla had more of a chaotic energy around it. Although I’ve had a decent relationship with money for most of my adult years and very detailed, where I needed the most help and guidance was having a proven ‘sales system’ in place where I am in complete control of the sales process. Marla did that for me.

There were so many proposals in limbo in my pipeline… a lot of ‘not knowing’ where these prospects were in their decision-making process. The chaos and drama around my sales has gone away!

My decision-making abilities were shifted, too due to learning new boundaries! Taking complete control of each and every sale I make. Having an even better relationship with my money and able to reach higher money goals with ease. I also eliminated a lot of the fear. Knowing that Universal Law and the Law of Attraction really is on my side and wants me to win. Learning her sales system, how to hire a V.A. and delegating, and creating client guidelines have made the biggest difference in my business and revenues currently and going forward!”


Veronica Puleo, The Replicas Music & Productions


Sampling of Money Transformation Method and sessions for higher self-worth and a collaborative, loving relationship:

Create a new money legacy (Change limiting beliefs) and recalibrate your new normal.

Permission to make more and BOLD money goals.

Understand the differences between men and women and their money relationship for better communication and respect.

Upgrade your sales conversations with a new approach to pricing and follow up to close the sale.

Solve the mystery of your money glass ceiling with Marla’s Money Speedometer tool and monthly tracking system to stay in relationship with your numbers.

Learn new habits to match your values with spending, saving and making money.

What’s included?

Program Details

  • (6) Weekly 2-hour video group calls. Wednesdays: June 17, 24, July 1, 8, 15, 22 12:30-2:30 Pacific

  • Done-for-you program templates and handouts to compliment the content and assist you in processing your breakthroughs.

  • Access to private group website page for zoom recordings, downloads, handouts and schedules. All sessions are recorded for your convenience.

  • Private FB group page for engagement, support, inspiration and connection with Marla and your program partners.

  • Success mindset and business books and recommendations.

Tuition Options

Select the investment plan that’s right for you.

Savings $200

Paid in full group incentive rate $995

Good till Monday June 15, 2020
After 6/15 – $1195

3-pay plan group incentive rate of $1095 with $365 deposit

Deposit no later than 6/15 with 2 more payments of $365 monthly from date of enrollment to be processed through Marla’s office with your cc on file. Savings $200.
After 6/15– $1295 with $432 deposit and 2 more payments of $432 monthly from date of enrollment


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Your Coach

Marla Diann of Marla Diann Mentoring International is a success coach and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs, coaches, speakers, authors, and professionals who are committed to upgrading to the next level of life and business mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually.

Her 12-year-old mentoring company serves visionaries and thought leaders seeking to be change makers in their industries. She brings over 30+ years of entertainment PR & talent management, branding, entrepreneurship, personal growth, professional development, mentoring, coaching, and philanthropy to her relationships.

Marla guides her creative entrepreneur clients to identify and implement new success habits, a renewed creativity and discovery of their genius zone, new behaviors, new mindset, and a transformed, more congruent relationship with money. All of this results in a leveraged business and a clearer path to higher, more consistent revenues without compromising their health, well-being, dignity, family or values.



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