How to Stop Denying Your Desires

In June the most common challenge clients voiced to me was “burn-out.” Does that resonate with you? Usually, the reason for this is that their self-care had taken a back seat and they definitely had not scheduled travel to disrupt their patterns.

There is a SPIRITUAL solution to every challenge and desire.

So over the weekend, I made a FREE meditation for you, “Letting Go & Receive.” This is the first of many meditations to come over the next few months and this short 10 minute guided meditation is meant to help you trust in the Universe to guide you to achieving your deepest desires.

I aspire for you to breakthrough your old thinking about experiencing your desires like I did. It changed my entire life. That’s why I created a worksheet “Denying Your Desires Will Cost You” to help you identify the desires you’ve denied for far too long and how to take action on them.

Enlighten your summer with a new or recommitted spiritual practice. Begin here.

There’s an email on it’s way to you soon.

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