Setting You Up to Win: 6-Step Roadmap to Money Goals Success

Perfect timing! One of your "high pay-off" activities as an empowered, savvy entrepreneur is forecasting your revenues and planning for the year ahead. This activity is working "on" your business vs. working "in" your business. Anything that relates to the vision of your business and actions that support it is working on vs. in.I'm gifting


Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: The REBEL Brand

Buon Giorno! Binge watch this weekend! I so enjoy when art imitates life. Of course that's the purpose of the development and writing teams for TV shows, original series and films. Pop Culture, right? Well-- they hit it on the mark with this one. "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" new HIT series on Amazon


How Travel Inspires Creative Renewal

Buon Giorno! This week I am taking you on a special detour to Italy. You ok with that? (I thought so). My love affair with Italy will be a forever thing. When I have a chance to share ideas how to go about creative renewal – relating to travel and especially to Italy


8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Be More Creative in 2018

Your life is about to get more colorful. More alive. More real. Let's start 2018 with something unique I don’t believe too many coaches are doing…setting your intention on Creative Renewal! The short answer to what is creative renewal -- it’s a new relationship with your creative self – the place where ideas,


4 Ways to Create & Cultivate Change

As a life-long advocate for creatives and women in the arts, I had to speak up about this one. No holding me back. On my desk sits this article. Just when you think we made a ton of progress with women’s empowerment and their creative careers – looks like we have much more work to


Are you feeling it, too? Creative Renewal is in demand in 2018

What is creative renewal? Have you been feeling a sort of restlessness tugging at your heart, soul, and spirit? You are not alone. It's everywhere. Creative renewal is a fresh look at life. It’s a renaissance of your life. It’s a renewed curiosity; a humbled vulnerability. It’s a new intimacy with yourself. It’s a


2018: Claim Your Creative Renewal and Rebirth

It’s time to look back over the year as you give yourself much needed self-care this month. Ask yourself what worked; what not so much. Which challenges inspired change for the good (gifts in the challenge)? What did you celebrate small and large? The most important question is - where could you focus more attention


Living a creative life is an amplified life. You ready?

Are you familiar with international best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert? Does EAT, PRAY, LOVE ring a bell? Life changing book and expert. If you are unfamiliar - she is the author of that amazing book which was made into a movie starring Julia Roberts. Even though Elizabeth had been writing successfully for years prior to that

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