Mentor to Creative Entrepreneurs

Grateful to have you here.

I acknowledge you for your choice to take an action toward your next level of success and dignity.

This private discovery call is for the high achieving (or seeking to be) business owner who values mentorship, leadership, and higher revenues not at a cost to your well-being and progress.

In order to prepare yourself for an insightful call where we clarify your next best step, please review the following info and answer the questions as detailed as you can. We may cover topics such as up-leveling your boundaries, leverage, time productivity, personal branding, relationship with money, or monetizing your brand.

It’s your time to master your business, purpose and money.

I mentor the whole person, not just the business and brand.  My approach  is holistic and very integrative.  We look at blending the two – you and the business, to create a more powerful, higher-performing creative business owner without sacrificing your well-being.

With that, clients and relationships are transformed through your talents and brilliance.

I also use the practical with the energetic (Universal Laws of Attraction with action) to transform your business, revenues and branding. We develop you into a thought-leader brand that affects change on many levels while positioning you as a more enhanced trusted source.

When we work together, I partner with you to shift your mindset, integrate all of who you are into all you do, form strategies/tools and systems, and transform your relationship with money that results in a NEW self-worth and value so you “Stand for Your Worth and Dignity.”

Please give yourself time and space to reflect before answering these questions.

Our time together is about seeing what’s possible for you transforming where you are to where you want to be.

Please complete the application below – it should take about 15 minutes. My team will be in touch with you shortly to schedule our time together if we have not already.  All information is kept strictly confidential.

I respect you for wanting the knowledge to increase your business while investing time in you.


There are so many ways to work together… discover what’s possible.

  • Private 5 Month Creative Entrepreneur Success Program

  • Private year-long Creative Entrepreneur Success Program

  • VIP Days, ½ or full day 1-1 or team

  • 90-day Creative Renewal/Personal Branding Program

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