Creative Living: What’s the incentive to work and live more often in your genius zone?

Hello Creative ones,

Last week I had a kick-off session with a new client. She’s a seasoned professional with over 20 years in her expertise. She’s bright, accomplished, wise, and lives by a strong moral compass.

One of my required readings in my mentoring programs is the extraordinary book, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. It’s a perfect fit for several of my main principles I mentor and coach – one in particular – learning to work and live more often in your genius zone.

When we got to the section in her session about the first few chapters, she made a comment I had not heard before. In fact, I was caught by surprise but eventually understood why she said this. “Why would I want to live more often in my genius zone? My interpretation is that it would add more burden to my life. It seems like too much to do.”

Now, knowing her business and the demand of her role as owner, CEO, manager and delegator of her team, and expert, I can understand her initial perspective.
But here is where the mindset shift can happen when you understand the incredible power of your own transformation from being excellent at what you do to working in your genius more often.

Before you identify your Genius Zone – Gay Hendricks takes you through a hierarchy of zones we operate in early in the book. Beginning at the bottom is incompetence. Next is competence. Next upward zone is excellence. Then the top is genius. Zone of Excellence is the activities you do extremely well. Most of us high achievers reside here. You typically make a good living in your Zone of Excellence. My client made a comment that she is fine with living in her Zone of Excellence.

Here’s where the shift in consciousness can happen.

Hendricks writes, “The temptation is strong to remain in the Zone of Excellence; it’s where your own addiction to comfort wants you to stay. It’s also where your family, friends, co-workers, and colleagues want you to stay. You are reliable there.”

The problem is you will eventually get bored and feel like you are not progressing. Your soul and spirit will be asking you to evolve. The only place to truly THRIVE and feel fulfilled is your Zone of Genius. It’s where you do your best work. It’s your most NATURAL place to be and the ultimate path to success and fulfillment. (Yes!)

As Hendricks writes, “Your Zone of Genius is the set of activities you are uniquely suited to do and they draw upon your special gifts and strengths.” The whole premise to the teaching is creating a consciousness as to when you are preventing yourself from achieving higher more consistent success more often.

See, we silly humans have a behavior that no one is exempt from. We sabotage our own happiness just when going gets good. It’s an unconscious thermostat that halts our happiness. There are degrees to which each of us does this. But we all do it on some level.

Here’s the incentive to know your genius and desire to work and live in it more often.

Imagine having a liberated, proven approach to navigating your success in anything you do. Isn’t that the million dollar question we all want the answer to?

It’s based on this. When you become adept at recognizing your behavior when you are sabotaging your own success in work, creativity, money, self-care, love, relationships, and more – and make it a habit of using the tools to create a new normal – you literally remove the self-imposed cap that was placed on your psyche (mindset) about higher success through unconscious childhood decisions.

Isn’t part of our purpose to progress, evolve and impact humanity in our own way that says we have something of value to give?

I’m on the train of learning to be proficient at living more abundantly in fulfillment, creativity, love, money, health, and success on my own terms. This is a path to get us there sooner rather than later (or not at all).

Share with me what is your incentive to living in your Genius Zone for higher fulfillment and success.

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Let’s do it!

Have a blessed, luxurious week!

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