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Taking Your Money Relationship & Desires to New Levels of Joy with Marla Diann.
8 Spots available by Application
This extraordinary experience is for the modern-day high value, spiritual, creative woman entrepreneur who desires to learn how to live more often by her innate feminine arts while operating her creative business from a new set of standards and boundaries.


The intention of the 90-Day Hybrid Experience is to help you evolve by trusting even more and using your powerful intuition while making important decisions from your desires rather than your logic and practicality, first.

Let’s together ban the burnout by learning to use masterful blend of masculine and feminine for a balanced, playful, high-achieving, and joyful life.


Core Principles in The Zen of Abundance and Prosperity Experience:

In order to nurture our feminine powers and live in that more often, we must learn to honor our desires and use them as fuel to achieve our goals.

Without desires, we live and operate from our masculine energy far too much leaving us burned out too often and lacking connection to our wise intuition, heart, enjoyment, and creativity.

This is a whole new paradigm to operate in for the modern-day woman. However, it’s been a feminine art for centuries! It’s time to recapture our natural power and dignity by doing a masterful blend of both.

You will transform how you use your inner GPS and ask more often, “How can I add more pleasure to my life?” – without the guilt. #thepleasureprinciple

What’s possible for you by applying for the 90-day experience:


Over 90-days through Marla’s mentorship and the support of an intimate group of high-value creative entrepreneurial, spiritual women, you will learn how to use Marla’s Creative Achievement Flow Formula while making money, change your meaning of money, and discover who you are when you update your money rules.


Imagine going through life, and especially in business, relying mostly on your intuition, trusting it to guide you to the right decisions that are meant for you and the good of all, and it be healing and pleasurable.

Replace the mentality of making success happen with allowing it to happen, receiving it, and enjoying it. This achievable reality is when you no longer omit pleasure in your pursuit of making and attracting money.

You will transform how you think, act, and feel about money and live by the truth that money is meant to fund your dreams & desires, not just pay bills, be practical, and sit in a bank account accruing interest.


As a high-value visionary woman, you’ll deepen your current spiritual principles resulting in the physical manifestation of several of your beloved desires, more quickly.


You’ll recover your natural assets of play, joy, adventure, pleasure, fun, and passion in life that may have been diluted from the demands of life over the last several years.


Learn the differences between abundance and prosperity, yet how they work in concert with each other to produce results you desire.


Your next level dreams and desires require attention and manifesting. Marla will mentor you to achieving those.

Finally, as a high value woman who invests in her next version of who she is meant to be, you will receive high-level coaching and intuitive mentorship based on feminine principles all experienced within an intimate group to help you take that quantum leap that you have been craving to live your next vital dreams & desires.


It’s time to master your money relationship,

boundaries, and intuitive powers.

When approved and enrolled, you will receive:


The luxury of that important connection with your success partners who will be supporting and witnessing your transformations over 90-days.

An inspiring orientation packet

Set the foundation for an extraordinary experience by starting with an exploratory packet emailed to you to fill out. This will give Marla the opportunity to review your big dreams and desires, and help plan how to accomplish them.

A two-day in-person retreat July 22 & 23

In beautiful Palos Verdes, South Bay of Los Angeles with healthy gourmet lunches and high-level coaching in a private, peaceful location.

Members Area & FB Group

Private FB group and access to the program’s private webpage for handouts, assignments, recordings and bonuses.

Weekly Group Calls Every Thurs Aug 4-Sept 8

(6) Two-hour group mentoring Zoom calls
to help escalate the manifesting and achievement of your desires and goals. Time: 10:30 am – 12:30
pm PT/ 1:30-3:30 ET/7:30 pm-9:30 pm London

A Zen of Abundance & Prosperity mastermind partner.

What do people say after the program?



“Before Marla’s Money Transformation program, my relationship with money was in the midst of big change. I was emerging from years of financial struggle and bad credit to receiving a windfall from the sale of my inherited house. Since I was making a pivot from a financial mess to success, I needed some expert guidance.

After the program, I’m financially focused, confident, and on the right course toward building wealth. I’m organized and know exactly where I stand financially every day. I’m a good steward of my money and make educated financial decisions. I’m engaging in an active relationship with my money that feels great!

I treat money well with respect to boundaries and honor my payments by paying bills early. If I hire someone, I pay them ahead of time and make sure I respect their rates and money boundaries as well. Plus, I loved the once-a-week live chat with everyone so much, I didn’t want the program to end!

Consciously weighing out how I feel about a financial decision: If I’m noticing that I’m “caving in” when asked for rates, I will stop and remind myself of my value and honor and respect my new boundaries. I can say “no” to a person or project if I notice myself caving into their money story by deciding to listen to my inner compass.

My credit score went way up from 560 to 753. I paid off one of two car loans, paid off my student loans, paid all credit card balances, and eliminated all debt.”

Stephanie Dianne
 Painter + Designer, The Beautiful Painting Company

My old money story/relationship was based on what was demonstrated and taught to me from my family, which was a very practical, middle-class and security-first mindset. As an adult, I adapted this practical mindset as a limiting belief in which I could not imagine myself wealthy despite being a driven person.

Marla’s program helped me completely flip my money relationship, including viewing money as a value and moving past any insecurities and limiting beliefs about what I am capable of and deserve

The two months during the program coincided with my largest earning months of my business to date and I booked my largest jobs to date (2 booking over $4,000 apiece from $2,800 base package price).

I made $12k in one weekend. I raised the rates on all of my packages and no one has asked for a discount or tried to negotiate with me on rates.”

Michele Harvey | For the full story, click here

“Run, don’t walk, to begin your transformational journey.

From that point forward I did everything she asked me to do and completed every exercise with sincere gusto. I started seeing shifts in my world almost immediately. I had so many breakthroughs, goosebumps, and eureka moments that sometimes I just had to take a moment in silence to reflect on the gravity of what was happening.

I’m only halfway through the program and last week I closed the largest client of
my entire career effortlessly. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

This is one hundred percent possible for you, too, when you jump in, trust, stay coachable. take action, and allow the magic to happen.

Anne Marie Webster

“Before the program: Honestly, I didn’t really value money. I had no relationship with it. I just saw it for what it was “paper” and an exchange for goods and services. I was not confident in my money conversations when it came to charging my clients. Money felt like a taboo thing you didn’t talk about. I did not track my money nor know my numbers. I would just receive it, have it in one account and spent accordingly.

After the program: It was a complete 180 for me, I was able to truly understand what the real purpose of money is. Money at its purist form is energy. It is how we are blessed for our products or services that we provide others and how we bless other people with it. Tangibly it is “paper” but at its purist form, it a blessing. I have so much respect for it now and I understand that money is abundant therefore; I don’t “fear” not being able to attain it. I now treat it accordingly by tracking it, organizing it and planning for it.

Really changing paradigms in how I think and act with money changed my life and Marla did just that; she was able to truly help me understand how money really works. Really profound and powerful how she was able to do that.” –

Juan Castro
Lead DJ & MC Invisible Touch Events | Invisible Touch Events | Full story, click here

Core to my money beliefs prior to coaching included the myth that having an abundance of money meant there was a lack of creativity involved. It was an either/or statement.

Now, I come from creativity first and truly welcome an abundance of money spearheading my vision.

Marla helped me create both a qualifying sales funnel system to determine the kind of clients I want to work with first and foremost.

I stand for my worth — and am not willing to offer any cut rates, discounts, barters, or negotiated rates.

Marla also helped me determine the kinds of strategic offerings that will escalate my business. I have shifted perspective on client engagement because of it.”

Kathleen Cohen 
owner of The Collaboratorium, is a high-profile XR Immersive Strategist and Tech Humanist | For the full story, click here


Meet Your mentoR

Marla Diann, owner of Marla Diann Mentoring International, is an international success coach, business strategist and transformational artist for high achieving creative entrepreneurs and professionals ready to upgrade to the next level of life and business financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Her brand attracts women and men visionaries and thought leaders seeking to be change-makers in their industries.

Celebrating 26 years as a creative entrepreneur of two businesses, 1996-2008 Entertainment PR, and 2008-present in her coaching business, Marla represents over 32 years of entrepreneurship, life and business coaching, entertainment PR & talent management, personal branding, personal growth, spirituality, professional development, and volunteering for women and youth empowerment organizations. Creativity and joy are at the heart of everything she does.

Her ideal clients are creative women and men in business for 2-20 + years ready to transform how they do business, life and their money relationship.

Your application and investment

Investment $4,500
Payment plan available on request.
Last day to accept applications July 8
This opportunity is reserved for 8 high value women.
Program runs July 2022 – September 2022

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Submit your application form. Marla looks forward to personally reviewing your submission.

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If your application is accepted, our team will set up an interview for you with Marla to discuss your dreams, desires and walk you through the enrollment.

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