Imagine how it feels when in a 30 – 45-day period you eradicate your old, self- loathing negative mindset and replace it with a trusting, fun, expansive and grateful relationship with your higher power, gain a respectful self-worth and new boundaries, find a new company to work with that aligns with your values, and attract the largest client you ever had in your ten-year career. Oh, and marry the man of your dreams! (She was already engaged at this point, but it made it all that much sweeter.)

I know. ahhmazing, right?

That is Anne Marie Webster’s true story as we sit here today. No hyperbole. And she’s still in the middle of her coaching program! Talk about when the student is ready.

She is a beautiful example of collapsing your time frame for what you think it takes to achieve your desires and goals vs. what is possible when you let go of control in how it will look while allowing your high vibration, belief in partnering with Universal Intelligence, and claiming your intentions and your vision. 

Being Anne Marie’s success coach over the last 45 days, I continue to be delighted, amazed, and proud to witness these ultimate successes she craved for so long.

She responds like a child seeing the world for the first time. Her coaching experience has been THAT enlightening for her as she explores, takes fast action, and transforms her unconscious habits and limiting beliefs.

This is one hundred percent possible for you, too, when you jump in, trust, stay coachable. take action, and allow the magic to happen.

It’s been and continues to be a JOY to guide her, challenge her, and watch her come into her own brilliance that she was born with, but rarely nurtured.

I’ll let her tell you the before and after story from her perspective. It’s a winner. Be ready to be fully inspired!  

“Just over a decade into my career as a financial advisor, I knew there was something I was missing. I was experienced, credentialed, and gave excellent service to my clients. However, my assets under management was an embarrassingly small number, I was attracting smaller high-maintenance clients, and even though I had found some wealthy clients, they were only investing their smaller assets with me. When an opportunity to get an ideal client would present itself, I would start to doubt myself and flub it up.

I was attracting work situations that either took advantage of my talents for someone else’s benefit or where I allowed bullying and generally shabby treatment—thinking that it was just part of being a woman in a male-dominated industry.

Sometime in the spring of 2020 I attended a webinar of another advisor (who was also experienced and credentialed) explaining how he built his 50 household-85 million-dollar financial advisory practice from start to finish and I pondered….what does this guy have that I don’t have?

As I listened to him tell his story, he was confident, authentic, and completely unapologetic for his success. The contrast between where he was and where I was couldn’t have been more apparent. I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on with me, but I knew I needed someone else to help me fix it.  I attended one of Marla’s webinars about achieving 1-year goals in 6 weeks or less, but I was in such a a bad place with my thinking and beliefs at that time that her content was just lost on me. 

A few months later I was procrastinating at work one afternoon and started clicking through her site and reading her story. That’s when I found her testimonial page. In my experience, coaches will usually have 2 or 3 peppy testimonials featured on their site, but I kid you not. I stopped reading after 38 testimonials. These were people with the same struggles I was having speaking about the transformative breakthroughs they experienced while working with her. And it hit me: I need a transformative breakthrough!
I need this woman.

When I had my first live video introductory call with Marla, I was in the midst of yet another pretty terrible personal and professional crisis. Before we were supposed to get started with the program, I sent her an email saying something like Hey, my life is falling apart right now, are you sure this is the best time to get started on this stuff?

(Months later, I now know that was me attempting to sabotage and stay miserable which was my pattern. Emphasize was.)

She responded with a kind email declaring that this was the perfect time to get started on this stuff and to ‘run, don’t walk’ to my first set of assignments.

From that point forward I did everything she asked me to do and completed every exercise with sincere gusto. I started seeing shifts in my world almost immediately. I had so many breakthroughs, goosebumps, and eureka moments that sometimes I just had to take a moment in silence to reflect on the gravity of what was happening.

 As a result of our work together, I had a total shift in how I treat myself and allow others to treat me, a true awakening to patterns and beliefs I had that were keeping me stuck and I attracted my ideal professional arrangement.

I now have a daily spiritual practice that gets my mind ready for the day and helps me approach opportunities with confidence and purpose. I’m only halfway through the program and last week I closed the largest client of my entire career effortlessly. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

If you are considering working with a success coach, I highly recommend that you invest in yourself and run, don’t walk to Marla. I am living proof that fast transformation is possible if you work with the right professional and Marla is a true master.” – Anne Marie Webster, Wealth Manager, Lionheart Capital Management


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