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Grateful you are here. You just finished watching my presentation, 6 Steps to Go After What Lights You Up Without Fear: Use your Intuition Instead of Logic to Make it Happen.

How do you feel about the choice now to follow your joy, use your intuition first for decision-making and then apply logic to actions?

Let’s discuss in a 45-minute private zoom call, how the three steps I shared in the video can transform your life and business.

Three steps to transform your life and business


Step 1: Following your joy is a life and business strategy:

The premise is following your joy and intuition is a life and business strategy, not to be relegated to just a hunch or a good feeling. Intuition is the doorway to your wisdom, genius and joy.

Joy is THE metric that will lead you to a fulfilling life. Not just success, but a soulful, integrity driven life that is based on what brings you joy, rather than tolerate what you think you should be doing.


Step 2: What gets in the way of us listening to and trusting our intuition?

Intuition is a powerful feminine art for today’s modern woman. How often do you use your intuition for business decisions? Intuition is your wisest and most accurate of all life tools because every guidance is meant for you rather than what society says, or some old outdated rule, or advice from a well- intended, caring family member.

Step 3: Change your money rules. Money is a blessing. It’s innocent of all those judgments you place on it.

Your money relationship is the most profound relationship you’ll have in your lifetime next to your higher power, yourself and your significant other.

If you want a better relationship with money…

  • You’ll need to change how you feel, think, and act with money to be more in trust, faith, and appreciation.
  • It also means transforming any of your money beliefs to be more of abundance rather than lack. Trust rather than fear. Faith rather than doubt.

Let’s change up how you make decisions and convert it to the intuitive, fun, pleasurable, joyful way so that making money is no longer a stressful, overworking experience.

I aspire for you to make decisions with your intuition supported by your logic and actions – this is how to ban the burnout.

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