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it’s time to Transform Your Relationship with Money

In this discovery starter workbook accommodated by a one-hour video training and 1-1 money activation session, you will begin to redefine how you feel, think, and act with money.

The Workbook is designed to have you question the status quo on what you believe to be true about money. It goes far and wide.

The video training gives you access to Marla’s expertise assisting you in answering the workbook discovery questions. The video is foundational to understanding the purpose of the workbook. The two work in tandem with each other. This is the beginning of how to transform your money relationship and why it is vital to your financial success.

The 1-1 Money Activation Session with Marla will give you a deeper understanding as well as coaching on how to use what you uncovered in the workbook to achieve a deeper financial success.

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Value: $1997 ($700 Savings)

in this training & workbook

you will learn:

Why attracting higher level clients, customers, and revenues, requires you to first uplevel your own worth and value. Like attracts like.

Recalibrate your money story: By becoming very aware of the old rules, beliefs, habits and behaviors that are running your life.

What money legacy is and how to change yours

25 money truths that helped me the most to raise my wealth consciousness, worth and value

A simple but profound exercise that will begin to uncover your hidden money beliefs

How to collaborate with the energy of money to produce real-life results

5 discovery questions that will reveal your money story

Is your work and what you are paid a fair and worthy exchange for your investment of your valuable life energy?

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As part of this unique hybrid package, you have 30 days to complete the video, workbook, and private money activation session with Marla.

Then, on Thursday, Sept 7th from 12-2 pm PT/3-5 ET, all clients of the starter package will come together online as an intimate group to explore more of their money relationship, share what they learned and their powerful breakthroughs, learn more solutions, and receive additional coaching to help anchor in all they learned! There is always something magical about the power of group interaction.

Mark your calendar for Sept 7.

It is highly recommended to book your private session with Marla now and work backwards from the calendar to complete your starter program.

Money. It’s the biggest story on the planet and everyone has one.

Our relationship with money is the most profound relationship we will have in our lifetime next to our higher power, ourselves, and our significant other.

Our relationship with money, how we think, feel and act with money, is formed during our childhood via imprints and experiences by our caregivers (parents) and society. No fault of anyone.

These habits, behaviors, and beliefs about money are adopted and then passed onto generation after generation unconsciously.

We innocently do not realize we are passing on a less than desirable money legacy of habits, behaviors and mindset. Those can include fear, worry, doubt, distrust, lack, resentment, confusion, mixed messages, guilt, shame, silence, and more.

The first solution to honoring your talents by charging your worth is to transform your relationship with money and your money story. It begins with the willingness to change and the courage to see what’s been holding you back and begin anew.


“Before Marla’s Money Transformation program, my relationship with money was in the midst of big change. I was emerging from years of financial struggle and bad credit to receiving a windfall from the sale of my inherited house. Since I was making a pivot from a financial mess to success, I needed some expert guidance.

After the program, I’m financially focused, confident, and on the right course toward building wealth. I’m organized and know exactly where I stand financially every day. I’m a good steward of my money and make educated financial decisions. I’m engaging in an active relationship with my money that feels great!

I treat money well with respect to boundaries and honor my payments by paying bills early. If I hire someone, I pay them ahead of time and make sure I respect their rates and money boundaries as well. Plus, I loved the once-a-week live chat with everyone so much, I didn’t want the program to end!

Consciously weighing out how I feel about a financial decision: If I’m noticing that I’m “caving in” when asked for rates, I will stop and remind myself of my value and honor and respect my new boundaries. I can say “no” to a person or project if I notice myself caving into their money story by deciding to listen to my inner compass.

My credit score went way up from 560 to 753. I paid off one of two car loans, paid off my student loans, paid all credit card balances, and eliminated all debt.”


Stephanie Dianne


“Before the program: Honestly, I didn’t really value money. I had no relationship with it. I just saw it for what it was “paper” and an exchange for goods and services. I was not confident in my money conversations when it came to charging my clients. Money felt like a taboo thing you didn’t talk about. I did not track my money nor know my numbers. I would just receive it, have it in one account and spent accordingly.

After the program: It was a complete 180 for me, I was able to truly understand what the real purpose of money is. Money at its purist form is energy. It is how we are blessed for our products or services that we provide others and how we bless other people with it. Tangibly it is “paper” but at its purist form, it a blessing. I have so much respect for it now and I understand that money is abundant therefore; I don’t “fear” not being able to attain it. I now treat it accordingly by tracking it, organizing it and planning for it.

Really changing paradigms in how I think and act with money changed my life and Marla did just that; she was able to truly help me understand how money really works. Really profound and powerful how she was able to do that.”

Juan Castro
Lead DJ & MC Invisible Touch Events | Invisible Touch Events | Full story, click here

Core to my money beliefs prior to coaching included the myth that having an abundance of money meant there was a lack of creativity involved. It was an either/or statement.

Now, I come from creativity first and truly welcome an abundance of money spearheading my vision.

Marla helped me create both a qualifying sales funnel system to determine the kind of clients I want to work with first and foremost.

I stand for my worth — and am not willing to offer any cut rates, discounts, barters, or negotiated rates.

Marla also helped me determine the kinds of strategic offerings that will escalate my business. I have shifted perspective on client engagement because of it.”

Kathleen Cohen 
owner of The Collaboratorium, is a high-profile XR Immersive Strategist and Tech Humanist | For the full story, click here


Since implementing my new rates and Marla’s qualifying sales system, I have experienced my highest month of income in my seven years of business at $14,000 in just one month. And we are on track to hit almost that amount again this month!

I have booked five full package clients at my new rates for next year and am seeing the results.

The three most profound mindset changes from being coached were standing in my worth, believing that I am an expert in my industry, and establishing and maintaining boundaries with my clients.

These allowed me to make decisions that up-leveled my business and protect me as a business owner and professional.

I now understand how saying no to taking on a potential client who does not value me as an expert is a gift I will always be grateful for. I do not allow clients to talk me into discounts. I manage my clients’ expectations about my availability by allowing myself time to recharge so I can live and work in my genius zone while giving my best to my clients. (Photo: Altmix photography)

Prior to the program, I would often take on other people’s money story when composing a rate quote. I would come up with a number I think they could afford rather than what I was worth.

This meant that I was not owning my worth, and instead allowing this to get in the way of my success. I would only quote at the low end of a package range, and found it hard to increase my pricing. I did not truly believe I was worth the increased prices. Now, I stand proudly behind my package pricing!

The sales funnel I now use made a world of a difference in how my team and I initially interact with potential clients, how we quote them, and how we successfully close the sale.

While we had our own sales system in place, it often led to us chasing clients down. Now, we are closing more deals because of the boundaries we have set around the sales process. I did raise the rates for higher income for my company and have seen fantastic results!”

Jordan Xu | For the full story, click here

Meet Your mentoR

Marla Diann, owner of Marla Diann Mentoring International, is success coach, business strategist, podcast host, and transformational artist for high achieving creative entrepreneurs who are ready to upgrade to the next level of life and business financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her brand attracts visionaries and thought leaders of all levels seeking to be change-makers.

Celebrating 27 years as a creative entrepreneur of two businesses, 1996-2008 Entertainment PR, and 2008-present in her coaching business, Marla represents over 35 years of entrepreneurship, life & business coaching, entertainment PR & talent management, personal branding, spirituality, and volunteering for women and youth empowerment organizations.

Her ideal clients are creatives in business for 2-20 + years committed to learn a more innovative, streamlined, intuitive, and meaningful way to make an impact while monetizing the joy of working more often in their genius zone resulting in higher revenues.

Marla guides her entrepreneur clients to identify and implement new success habits, a renewed creativity, develop a leveraged business model supported by a qualifying sales system, a discovery of their genius zone for more fulfilment, and a transformed relationship with money (wealth consciousness) for dignity and self-worth.

Her podcast, Follow Your Joy, launched in June 2022, is an entrepreneurial resource for creatives sharing their challenge to victory career stories through the lens of listening to their intuition.

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