Habits to work & live richer, smarter, and more abundant with money.

This class is for the creative entrepreneur and professional, healing arts expert, coach, author, wedding professional, event professional, artist, designer, and service professional who desires to be more confident in money decisions, self-worth, sales, and money management.

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In this 90 minute workshop you will learn…


The impact your money relationship has on sales and profitability.


How to recalibrate your money relationship in a way that empowers you more personally and professionally.


The real reason your leads aren’t saying yes.

4 Habits of high earning entrepreneurs

Strategies to remain firm on pricing.

Lifetime mindset tools to keep upgrading your money relationship to increase your income, confidence, and results.

How to set stronger boundaries for empowering money conversations during sales.

Identify your monthly income set point you are unaware of and set a new, higher money set point to increase your earning power.

Has the “new normal” post pandemic set in with you yet?

What is your new normal? This thing was discussed on all social channels, podcasts (even mine), YouTube, blogs, and more all throughout 2020-2022.

As a result of this so-called new normal…

  • Are you feeling uncertain?
  • Are you asking who am I now?
  • Is your career or business requiring a shift in how you operate?
  • Have you been in survival mode with your money mindset so much that struggling to come up with your accustomed flow of money seems normal? (So uncomfortable)

If so, not ok. I got you. You deserve better.

You know you have created the flow of money in your life many times before. Why is it a slow trickle now? Or it’s been at a lower level than what you are accustomed to?

Let’s change that.

I have what is called a money set point in my trainings. It’s an exact science how to come up with where you have settled into as your average monthly income, unconsciously. I’ll walk you through how to do that and much more life changing wisdom in my August 3rd online workshop, “Habits to Work & Live Richer, Smarter, and More Abundant with Money.”

I aspire for your money set point (wealth consciousness) to be a vibrant reflection of the life you desire to live.

During the workshop, I will elevate you to begin to think and feel differently and in your highest good so that you actually BELIEVE you can live the life of your dreams.


It begins with identifying your current money story, beliefs, habits, and behaviors. From there you are available to begin the transformation.

The workshop will include a preview of my Work & Live Richer, Smarter, and More Abundant starter package, “Transform Your Money Relationship,” which I created as a first step for you to begin your new money legacy.

I’ll explain how the workbook, video training, and 1-1 session can be the beginning of your saving grace to a new life. Or, a great refresher if you need to recommit to your former high wealth consciousness.

I am teaching you new money habits and truths that will allow you to live that life you desire as long as you commit to applying the principles and actions I give you in the training.

Secure your spot. See you there.

Become a higher earning creative entrepreneur

It all starts with Leveling Up Habits, Behaviors & Beliefs around money, and what is truly possible for you.

Get instant access to this free upcoming online workshop by telling me your name and what email to send your invite to below.