6-weeks to Deepening Your Intuition, Trust, and Faith for Radical Shifts in Your Life

The 6-weeks is designed to

help ground you in the midst of all our surrounding uncertainty and chaos.

All of our certainty in systems and institutions that once defined us and we relied upon are breaking down and being transformed right before our eyes. Whether it’s the school systems, shared work spaces, money systems, or environmental systems, they are all changing. We need a solid internal compass to keep us feeling safe, taken care of, inspired, hopeful and loved during this global transformation.

This is where your Spiritual Leadership comes in.

When we can master our own spiritual practices and rituals in order to soothe us, guide us, educate us and inspire us, we can pay that forward and help others do the same.

Now we have a cause bigger than ourselves. Isn’t it time for us to lead on our own terms, create new systems that serve us, break away from past that previously defined us, and choose our own destinies?

Strengthening your spiritual connection will transform your self-worth and empower you to serve others in a much bigger way.

Clients Say…

“Marla helped me walk the path through frustration, uncertainty, and then breakthrough to define my own clarity in how I would show up in the world – in my personal life and in my business.

Marla taught me how to stand in my feminine power, tap into my intuition, lead with dignity, live more often in spirit than ego and trust that the universe has my back.

I discovered the power of gratitude and how simple daily practices can bring me closer to spirit and self-actualization. Today my morning meditation/prayer and daily gratitudes are necessary to my self-care and have become second nature – like brushing my teeth!

As a result, I experienced the tangible life changing benefits of manifesting expectations of positive outcomes in my life. I’m forever grateful to Marla and her gift.”

Lauren Busener Brown

CEO/Founder Good Form, Transformational Business Consultancy

What exactly is Be The Light?

The core reason for this 6-week course is helping you deepen your belief, trust and faith in your higher power, spirit, or Source, to excel personally and professionally during this time of uncertainty.

When we partner with Universal Intelligence, Spirit, God, Buddha, – any higher power of our choice, we achieve and we evolve. We are not alone in our pursuit of happiness and wealth.

We have a power outside of ourselves that is always willing and available to guide us, if we will only ask and be open to receive.


Imagine if you could…


integrate proven tools to empower your intuition to make radical shifts in how you operate in the world especially at this time of our lives with so much uncertainty.

have more moments of synchronicity and flow, recognize it, and be grateful.
A desire to see things differently.

Why I created Be The Light…

I sat quietly recently asking my intuition, “By using my wisdom and what lights me up, how can I best serve humanity and my community at this point in time with all this upheaval and uncertainty?

What is their most pressing need they either have been praying for or don’t know they need, but are seeking answers?”

Within seconds, the Divine download happened.

I began writing and writing in my journal as it spoke through me, “They need to deepen and trust their spiritual partnership to keep them grounded, hopeful and at peace during this unsettling global transformation. It’s a must for their well-being and success in all parts of their lives.” And so, the message begins. Simply put, our main purpose in life is to evolve.

Regardless of our important personal purpose that has to do with our career and how to monetize it, every human has one collective purpose…to evolve.

It’s our relationship with our higher power (call it whatever you desire) that helps us navigate most of life’s changes, achievement of goals, and solving of challenging situations as long as we are willing to get quiet enough to ask for support and then listen.

When we are available more often to a power far greater than ourselves through prayer, we have more flow, calmness, and synchronicity in our life.

The only thing that prevents us from evolving is our own free will and ego.

Ego is threatened when we are more loyal to our evolution and personal growth. I call that living from spirit (expansion, evolving, faith, trust, gratitude, creativity, hope, connection, collaboration, etc.) rather than living from ego (fear, worry, doubt, self-judgment, lack, and staying small).

Here’s a new mindset.

Our challenges and desires are meant for us.

Why? To help us evolve.

There is always a gift in the challenge and when we honor our desires, you know those big desires that we’ve long held, we evolve to the next version of who we are to meant to be.

We honor our desires by listening to our intuition.

It’s when we choose to be more loyal unconsciously to our ego that life is hard, drama happens, and we are unfulfilled.

During our 6-weeks together, I bring my 20+ years of living a metaphysical lifestyle being loyal to my intuition which continues to be my guiding light and advocate as long as I remain faithful to its wisdom.

What is your Higher Self?

I’ll take you on a journey to being more intimate and accepting of your Higher Self. That includes relationships with archangels. I will discuss and share one of my favorite archangels whose main support is for your creativity, artistic growth, finding solutions to your challenges to think differently and manifesting beauty in your life.

Six richly designed sessions for sustained transformation gleaned from my 20 years of spiritual growth.

What you’ll learn:


Session 1: It’s Not the How; It’s the What.

Surrender the control and mindset (ego) that you are the only one in charge of manifesting your goals and desires. Learn to partner with Universal Intelligence and intuition more consistently so the “how” can manifest in more aligned ways.

Session 2: Tune into Your Power Channels of Intuition and Gratitude.

Our intuition can only be felt or heard when we allow it to come through and are conscious of it. Intuition is our superpower. Combine that with a mindset and habit of proper daily gratitude and you have two of life’s most potent collaborators of manifesting.

Session 3: Monetize Your Joy; Live your Spiritual Truth.

What is your life purpose? How does that affect your career? Your personal life? Imagine having an inner GPS that guides you to design and live a fulfilling life. We will take you through my signature Life Purpose Formula™ to claim your purpose.

Session 4: Creative Achievement Formula.

When you can identify the difference between desires and goals, you will have unlocked the key motivator in your success. This is a game changer in monetizing your joy.

Session 5: Achieve Your One Year Goals in Six Weeks

Learn what it takes to swiftly achieve your one-year goals in six weeks using my two MUST HAVE strategies: Inspired Action vs. Massive Action and how to have a masterful blend of both for sustained success.

Session 6: Spiritual Money Truths to Raise Your Wealth Consciousness, Worth & Value.

Without these truths I learned along the way to a higher wealth consciousness, vibration, and then continued results, I would never have taken the leaps of faith in my business in the midst of fear and uncertainty as an emerging creative entrepreneur and thought leader. We will have radical discussions around the spiritual truth about money and how to apply this to your own life for more consistent income!


Intro to Energy Cleansing & Mindfulness Techniques and Resources

A Guide to Integrating Body, Mind, and Soul and a private zoom 60 min life purpose or spiritual practices clarity session

valued at $750.

Clients Say…

“I started my coaching journey about two and a half years ago with Marla. I Have been part of three coaching programs with her. Marla introduced me to tools that will help me evolve through my journey in life. Her profound, spirituality coaching introduced me to different concepts about life and spirituality.

“Everything is energy, we are spiritual beings living a physical experience.”
That sentence alone is what catapulted me right into the beginning of my spiritual journey.

Out of everything I have learned from Marla, I want to highlight two concepts that have had a huge positive impact on my growth.

First one, she helped me connect with universal law. Before I met Marla, I was always drawn to an energy bigger than me. I didn’t know what it was or how to explain it. I grew up catholic but never really connected with religion. I always felt like I had a big purpose to fulfil in my life. I just didn’t know what that purpose was.

After I met Marla my mind and perspective shifted for the better. Before, I had an intuitive feeling of where and what to do with my life. Now I can actually understand what is going on with that intuition and my journey.

Marla has helped me realize my purpose in life; to evolve spiritually and physically. This has led me to discover my personal life purpose; “To be a light in this world and help guide humanity to walk in the line of love and compassion.” I use that purpose as a driving force for everything I do in life. I can now confidently say I am living my truth because of that, something else that Marla also taught me.

Second, she has also helped me build an amazing relationship with money. Before Marla, I did not have a relationship with money. I didn’t even know I could have one. That later shifted to understanding how money works in the world. “Money at its purest form is energy and energy is abundant.” I learned that concept from Marla. Understanding that statement was truly profound for me.

I started treating money as this sacred being; with love and respect. I started to build a relationship with it just as I would with a loved one. That relationship has blossomed to me being financially independent.

My income and savings have gone up 35% since I started her coaching programs.”

DJ Juan Castro

Invisible Touch Events, Irvine, Ca.

“The most profound change I have felt from being mentored by Marla and how it’s changed my decision-making abilities in business is the feeling of constant and ever-present gratitude.

God knows that starting or up-leveling a business is not always a smooth and consistent road, but I can confidently say that I have never felt more in gratitude (and more often) ever in my life. When my coaching program began, this was such a huge piece of the “curriculum” and now I see why

I have also started to move away from fear and making decisions out of fear. I have let go of clients who are no longer a match for my new standards and have learned to say no to potential clients who do not fit in my ideal client profile. I have really started to see and feel my worth. I used to THINK I valued myself and my skills/talents, but now my confidence (and ironically my humility) is at an all-time high.

Before the coaching program I also felt a scarcity mentality around money. Whether I earned $2,000 a month or $15,000 a month, I felt the same. I was worried it wasn’t enough and worried I wouldn’t have enough tomorrow. Even if I was in abundance, I was worried that I’d be back in scarcity going forward.

Now I stay focused on gratitude and abundance. If I can go to bed every night knowing that I am living in my core values, am happy, and am committed to my business, then I feel good (and abundant!).”

Brianne Cohen

Sommspirations, CEO/Founder Wine Education and Event Production

You might be wondering if I live in my intuition and the light all the time?

Heck no!

I live in the light with fleeting moments of darkness as Gabby Bernstein says. I know how to recognize it and choose again when I am in ego-based thinking.

What happens when I am willing to surrender and turn to spirit for support? I immediately feel relieved.

My energy shifts. I am in empowerment and alignment zone.

That’s what I aspire for you!

This is where miracles small and large happen fast. And, only in this place is where you manifest your change, your goals, your desires. It’s not our outside actions and logic that creates our destiny. It’s the masterful blend of both the inner and the outer.

As long as you get quiet enough to listen during your sacred alone time is when these answers come. You are then led to take inspired action, not massive action, to make that change, handle that challenge, or manifest that goal or desire.

It’s Time to be The Light

6-weeks to Deepening Your Intuition, Trust, and Faith for Radical Shifts in Your Life.

Join me for six weeks in strengthening your spiritual connection, learning to listen more intently and loyally to your intuition, and be the spiritual leader in your own life while inspiring others to do the same.

6 Live Zoom Sessions

1:00-2:30 pm Pacific (6) Weekly every Wednesday Oct 21, Oct 28, Nov 4, Nov 11, Nov 18, Nov 25

Each week you’ll get the recordings and done-for-you handouts and templates.

Coaching from Marla

Loving support every step of the way along with Q&A each session for discussing your needs, reaching clarity, group connection and support.

Private Facebook Group

For collaboration, connection and support.

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