I remember the first time I read Jack Canfield’s Success Principles’ book back in 2006 and then again and many times since after the 10th anniversary issue.

The simple but profound first principle is, “Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life.”

My initial response was, “of course I do.” At that point in my life, I had been a student of self-development for many years.

But, as I re-read that chapter in 2016 and again a few years later, I realized I was allowing my perception of what I thought I was doing correctly to actually blur the truth based on the results in my life then.

I surrendered and began to live the way he teaches in that chapter.

I noticed the first change was in my mindset and then I began to believe I was capable of much more than what I was doing. I especially took much more responsibility for the money in my life, how I responded to money and how I earned, saved and invested. I also looked at all my relationships and how each one needed more attention and love from me.

All this to say, I created much higher, more fulfilling results and a better-quality life.

If you were to take 100% responsibility for your money relationship and the financial aspect of your life, what would you do differently? What would you like to change about money in your life?

In my last week’s wealth consciousness masterclass, I gratefully opened my guest’s eyes to new possibilities in how to take 100% responsibility for the condition of their wealth consciousness and money relationship.

The real game changer to actually make it happen in the next three months is to enroll in the Money Transformation Program that begins April 15. 

I carefully designed this program to completely re-engineer how you respond to money, numbers, conversations, belief systems, self-worth, sales conversions, habits and behaviors. For 10 years my entrepreneur clients from all walks of life have experienced remarkable changes.

So. Can. You.

Speaking of taking 100% responsibility. Stephanie just finished the program in February. Before the program, her relationship with money was in the midst of big change. She was emerging from years of financial struggle and bad credit to receiving a windfall from the sale of an inherited house. Since she was making a pivot from financial mess to success, she said she needed some expert guidance.

I invite you to seriously take a look at the program enrollment page and imagine how life could be different if you took 100% responsibility for how you feel, think, and act with money.  

I will only have a total of 6-8 spots in the training for an intimate mastermind experience.

Questions? Email me for a 30 min Zoom call to talk about you taking 100% responsibility for your money relationship and how the program can support you in all that. Email support@marladiann.com for one of those spots.

Your return on investment in you by enrolling in the course far reaches beyond your own needs. It’s your family money legacy that benefits.  

To your success!