How about we begin by having you acknowledge your small or large successes that you achieved in the last week? Personal or professional.

Being a high achiever, I bet you don’t acknowledge your successes often enough or if you do it’s quick and then onto the next goal. Right? 

Time for a new normal. The more we acknowledge our successes by either writing them in our gratitude journal or jotting them down on a victory sheet, the more we will attract and manifest even more. It’s how the brain and the Universe works! It’s the cause-and-effect principle.

Ok, let’s see about my simple formula for your 30 second elevator pitch. You know that question we get asked often when meeting people the first time, “What do you do?” 

For us entrepreneurs and professionals we need an authentic, natural but compelling and non-salesy response when in the front of a room during a presentation or at a networking gathering without sounding cliché or like everyone else.

Below is my formula to help you compose a draft core message or better yet a “30 second” elevator pitch. Your goal is to make it compelling enough to inspire people to ask more questions about your business. And it must feel natural to you.

When we clearly define who we work with, what we do for them, and the results we help them create – now we have a compelling core message that people can understand.  

Rather than, “I’m a business success coach that works with women and men creative entrepreneurs transforming their money relationship, habits and revenues.”

This is more specific: “My ideal clients are men and women creative entrepreneurs in business for 2-20+ years ready and committed to investing in their success. They are seeking better leverage and less overwhelm to make an impact and express their talents while increasing their revenues.”

See the difference? Helpful? I usually make it sound conversational.

Elevator speech formula:

a) Identify who you work with or who your customers are

b) What you do for them

c) And, the results you help create 

Give it a whirl! Be extra kind to yourself this week,