Dear Creatives,

Happy Hanukkah if you celebrate it! Special time of the year.

I don’t know about you, but I needed serious help with understanding all the tips, tricks, and tools for lighting, audio, using teleprompters, and using scripts on Zoom for presentations, and producing a decent YouTube video!

It has been a bit intimidating with all the tools, lighting, camera angles, audio. Ugh. I just wanted it made simple if I was going to launch a new YouTube and audio podcast! (Coming soon).

I surrender. Video is here to stay. As business owners, it’s a MUST to be on video to grow our brands and visibility whether it’s Zoom to deliver a compelling presentation, Instagram to share our expertise or upload a 30- second reel, or YouTube as a podcast or influencer.

Let’s get good at it!



I am happy to share I found an outstanding video production DIY expert on YouTube, Katie Fehlinger, a 15-year on-air, on-camera expert from her former TV news and meteorologist days. I watched a few of her videos and was so impressed and unintimidated!  I have seen plenty of good experts but she really makes it easy and speaks in layman’s terms without all the jargon. These were a few of her YouTube videos I watched and will be going back for more!

  • How to use scripts and teleprompters for your Zoom presentations.
  • How to look good on Zoom.
  • Correct lighting and how to use microphones.
  • On-camera presence.
  • On-camera mental preparation tips.
  • Video recording equipment set up and so much more!

Her delivery is so easy to listen to and she makes it inspiring and simple.  For example. The YouTube screenshot here is from her “What you need to make videos” video. She gives you only the basics to get started without the intimidation – what you need to make YouTube videos, stream or record for video calls, or to make videos for your business.

Katie helps beginner and burgeoning video creators become production rockstars – both in front of and behind the camera – without the overwhelm. (Agree) She offers quality DIY video production tips so you have no more excuses why video is still on your to-do list. Highly recommend her.

Creating a video campaign or podcast may require a new personal brand or polishing up. Let’s talk. Having over 30 years in personal branding for celebrities, visual and performing artists, and entrepreneurs, I got you covered. Email to begin a conversation about how I can support you. Let’s have fun!

Good luck!