Hello Creatives!

Summer is here, almost! I love this time of year. All the greenery in my neighborhood is flourishing! It’s my first summer in this neighborhood. It’s gorgeous.

Speaking of flourishing…

One of the most important daily questions you can ask yourself is, “How do I want to feel?” – and from that will come what you attract.

Do you want to feel supported, loved, understood, cherished, adored, secure, abundant, prosperous, healthy, centered, grounded, grateful, happy, sensual, and peaceful? Fill in the blank.

Then check in with yourself – being honest – truth telling – the next question is “Am I possibly blocking that feeling?”

It is in that awareness you give your intuition/inner guide/spirit permission to support you in unblocking the path to that higher vibe feeling.

Listen quietly for the guidance. Be mindful.

All of this is vital because we aspire to live in a higher vibe that attracts more of the good in our lives. Our vibes speak louder than our words. Like attracts like.

Try this for the week. Write a post it note with the reminder or copy the image here and plaster it on your bathroom mirror or on your phone screen so as not to miss it. See what comes up. But give it a try for a week. Then tell me what magic happens.

To your blessed week,