Happy Valentine’s Day!

Giving you some love and nurturing today with my very special NEW audio.

During the life of a business, the owner will evolve and change and grow. That is part of the richness of the journey we chose when opting in as an entrepreneur!


Those changes can be a gift as we as long as we embrace them from a perspective of the good in the challenge and welcome the changes (with courage) rather than run from them.

In fact, personal growth ALWAYS precedes business growth; never the other way around.

So it’s to our benefit to pay attention to who we are being in business as much as what we are offering and serving.

When I hit the proverbial emotional and mental wall in April 2017, the pain of staying the same was no longer an option.

I had to evolve.

I had to face the blocks, the discontent and the boredom of my life. That’s where and when the road of creative renewal began. (Thank God!)

And so the story tells in my BRAND NEW audio, “3 Vital Steps to Cultivating a Change That Thrives,” how I navigated my discontent and how I came out on the other side with a new approach to life and business all due to my own creative renewal.

Today looks very different than a year ago due to the changes I made in the last nine months.

I tell the never-been-told behind the scenes story of hiring my mentor to recover my dreams that led me to living in Florence, Italy for a month and then how I dealt with coming back to my old life after I found my buried heart and soul while living in gorgeous Florence.

My intention in delivering the new free audio is to inspire you to look at your truth. Listen to it. Follow the bread crumbs on the path to your new findings. Be curious. Be courageous.

I aspire for you to live an amplified creative life!

In the audio, I give you the three exact actions I took to face my truth, admit my pain and discontent – and move through it to the other side with freedom and liberation waiting.

I walk you through the magic of creative renewal so your personal and business life can flourish even more. Intrigued? I hope so. Let’s go.

Click here for “3 Vital Steps to Cultivating a Change That Thrives!”
Loads of blessings and love,