Dear Creative,

Being productive and profitable in your business isn’t measured by how many hours you work, which only leads to over-busyness and burnout. Instead, focus on the strategies and clients who bring you the most joy and the most revenue. Everything else is non-essential.

The truth is you can’t make a leap forward if you’re dragging along any excess baggage of difficult clients, under-charging, or commitments you made from guilt or obligation. It’s time to free yourself, and free your business so you can leap ahead. I’m here as your champion because I know that the more you let go, the more you can grow.

The impactful shift you can make that will increase your revenues without having to do more work or add extra services is:

Up-leveling your fees; which means:

  • Elevating your wealth consciousness. Release and let go of thinking you’re not ready, or good enough, or unsure. The moment you up-level your fees you’ll step into the leader you’re meant to be.
  • Let go of draining clients. (They’ll be better served by someone else.)
  • Let go of something — or someone — who is no longer energetically aligned with where you want to be. (Everyone has at least one person it’s time to bless goodbye to.)

Up-leveling always starts with letting go because letting go creates space and within that space is the CLARITY you are seeking. Up-leveling your fees adds immediate income to your profits.

No new services needed. No extra work. No campaign needed. No list building needed. You are coming into alignment and into frequency with your higher worth. You no longer fit the older fees that represented who you were months ago. You have evolved since. Let’s match your worth with that.

It’s you in partnership with a new number that syncs up nicely with the amazing results you deliver for your clients. This let-go list should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list!

You’ve got this, xo