Oh, the mystique of travel to beautiful destinations internationally! Who doesn’t get inspired by seeing entrepreneurs travel the globe?

At least in my coaching world, we are intentionally interrupting a pattern in our business model by traveling to “higher frequency” locations that re-ignite creativity and pleasure.

For that reason, I chose to renovate my business model a year ago to shift how I felt about my own creativity and how I operated in my business. It was time for a major change in my environment and honoring my long-held desires.

Palazzetta Rooftop Bar, Rome, Italy 9/9/18

My business mentor inspired a mindset for “laptop lifestyle” and “lux-nomad” helping me break out of the stale model of one location. Given our access to the global workplace and technology, we have connection and options at our fingertips. Most service-based businesses have the luxury to redesign their business model to take it on the road anytime anywhere.

However, our confidence and know-how need to be elevated before we take it on the road. I found my mindset required a new perspective in order to see the world as my business and personal playground!

Therein lies the shift. We can talk about how fantastic it would be to travel a few times a year to gorgeous destinations, but it’s the mindset, desire and action that counts.

Where do you begin?

Like I did… I hired my mentor who has gone the path before me to help navigate the mindset, strategies and more. I had to redefine what work meant to me and how I wanted to feel as I ran my business.

I had an old mindset imprinted from childhood that said “You can’t go out and play and enjoy yourself till all your chores are done.” That work ethic became my mantra that led to a boring, lack of play and enjoyment in my life! I couldn’t fathom having play AND work in the same sentence let alone live like that!

Fa! Let that all go!

Last year began the rebuilding of my new brand and business model integrating the allure of travel.

Cortona, Tuscany, Italy 9/11/18

That’s a serendipity of following your heart. 😊 I have always loved travel, cultural experiences and meeting new people! Your brand becomes an inspiration to others who seek cultural experiences transforming their lives. Most human beings are lured by the mystique of far away lands and people.

It’s in our DNA. We crave connection.

Today I write this blog from the charming rustic Airbnb cottage in the Tuscan village of Cortona, Italy. My two-week travels take me from Rome to Cortona to Lake Como all the while running my location independent business. I make plenty of time for play and adventure. Last year I spent a glorious month in Florence, Italy being in the epicenter of Renaissance art and culture.

And all that my friend, is a life well lived rich in joy and pleasure rather than a predictable routine year-round that can dull the senses and dilute our creativity.

I aspire for you to do that same. I aspire for you to live and work in magical destinations that open your heart and soul.

I wrote another blog around this entire subject Is it time to redefine what work means to you?” 

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Happy adventures!