Two years ago this month, June 2017, my life began a vulnerable, humbling journey that continues to evolve and reap rewards.

I am no stranger to investing in myself and my business with coaching. I’ve never gone without a coach since the inception of my business 11 years ago. The VIP private intensive remarkable day with my coach two years ago this month illustrates the power of deep cleansing your life, transformational work where you cannot dictate the outcome and walking my talk.

I’m sharing a vulnerable story I posted in my coach’s private FB group page today (6/9/19). It’s a long one, but seriously give yourself a few minutes to read. I know you’ll relate.

I feel this can give you hope that change is inevitable when you commit to your dreams, but it’s not a pretty sight nor easy route along the way to the results. Transformation is for the courageous heart. Be strong and humble.  Here goes:

“Sweet Sunday! Sitting here on my balcony in gratitude for a beautiful view of my village by the sea (Palos Verdes Estates, CA). It wasn’t like this a year ago.

Two years ago this month, June 2017, I invested in myself in a private intensive with Gina to reinvent my life, my coaching business of 9 years, and myself. I walked away from that remarkable session with a plan for a month long live/work stay in Florence, Italy, the epicenter of Renaissance in Aug 2017 and a new life plan that would unfold over the next two years.

The result?

By living and working in Florence for a month I changed from the core – like a cellular level. I fell back in love with life. I could feel my heart again. I renewed my love of creativity, travel, culture, coaching, and relationships. I was a changed woman.

I re-branded my business with the amazing photos shot in Florence with Wendy Yalom. I changed programs and how I delivered them. I let go of old, low energy behaviors, habits, and mindset. I let go of a stale romance that dimmed my light.

I revisited Italy a second time in Sept 2018 staying in charming Cortona and dreamy Lake Como. And came back after the trip to move into a beautiful new high-frequency home in a village by the sea that resembled in feel and look to Florence, Italy. My new life plan unfolded.

But the even deeper transformation really began this year (2019) when I started to integrate ALL this newness in my life. I followed all that by joining Divine Living Academy. Jan-May behind the scenes I’ve experienced every type of emotion – fear, worry, doubt, judgment, confusion, uncertainty, gratitude, happiness, elation, you name it I lived it.

I raised my rates. Attracted even better ideal clients and added spiritual life coaching to my current success and business coaching because of my desires and that of my clients requesting it. Thank you Darla Delayne for your patience in my discomfort all along the way. This stuff is not for the faint of heart!

Phew! The life of a transformational artist. Now I am so excited to join Gina and you all in chic Vancouver BC in a few weeks for our 2-day training! Thank you for your inspiring courage to go after your dreams. I’ve been watching. Blessings.”

This is the power of a VIP intensive or strategy day. You go into the session with goals and desires and could come out on the other side with a new life, new strategy, renewed business, new perspective and approach to life, and new love of life. Whichever is yours – let’s have a vulnerable talk to see if the VIP day is right for you.

I cannot coach what I have not gone through. I want the same clarity, transformation, and elation for you. Email to schedule our chat. Put in the subject line: VIP Day inquiry.

To your vulnerable journey,