Tony London is the epitome of like attracts like.

He carries a consistent positive, fun, and respectful vibe wherever he goes, which attracts good people and experiences resulting in successful outcomes.

Furthermore, he attracted loyal, smart, dedicated and positive team members he considers as family to his decade long DJ and Production company, DJ Maestro, serving the wedding and corporate industries in Denver and Los Angeles.

 As we built close to a year-long coaching relationship from Dec 2019-Oct 2020, it became evident early on that this guy was in it to win, be humble and coachable, have fun, and be totally open to change personally and professionally for the good of all. His mentality is inclusivity. If he wins, he naturally wants to bring others with him.

He has this core genius talent that enables him to see people for their brilliance and treats them as such. As a result, his team flourishes and his clients receive the best of the best in music entertainment.

Not only is he a genuinely nice guy who truly cares about people and their success, but he is a smart, progressive business owner who thrives on creativity and enjoyment.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Tony is a dedicated family man with children and a lovely wife who teaches music. He and his wife are highly talented opera singers, too! His dream is to travel the globe singing with her in opera houses and theaters.

We met at Wedding MBA, a popular wedding industry conference, in Oct 2019 during my breakout session where I taught wealth consciousness and higher sales conversion.

Inspired, he enrolled in my 90-day creative entrepreneur program. After the transformation and success he had with the mindset, leverage, sales system, and genius talent platform coaching, we continued for several more months to optimize what he learned to up-level his entertainment business.

What came of that was his desire to have me teach the same qualifying sales system he learned to his devoted core team so they could benefit from the coaching and upgrade the company’s sales system, revenues, and attraction to ideal clients.

Witnessing their synergy he created with his “family” team, I was so impressed as I guided them even more to be in alignment with monetizing their talents while believing in their worth and achieving newfound results.

Having coached wedding industry business owners for over six years of my 12 years in coaching, I found the most pervasive issue for many of these highly talented creatives (Planners, Floral Designers, DJ/Production, Photographers, and more) was they were expected to give discounts for their services.

Not on my watch! Unacceptable. Here’s where I love to transform businesses.

Tony shares his experience…

“The customized and detailed sales system Marla developed for us is an absolute game-changer! We now all have defined roles in the process and know how to smoothly guide potential clients through our process in a way where we maintain our value and the client gets excited about working with us.

The focus has shifted away from money and onto the client and their experience. And our newfound Wealth Consciousness has been key in allowing us to confidently switch that focus.”

The team knew they needed to change their approach in sales by not giving away their talents through discounting. It felt inauthentic and out of alignment for them but they had no idea how to recalibrate it. They felt stuck and uncertain.

“Before our participation in Marla’s program, our team was constantly giving discounts and fitting into whatever budget the client would tell us they had. The feeling was that our services were very expensive and financially unattainable for most clients, which would cause us to almost apologize for our pricing and basically allow the client to determine our pricing.

After the program, we were able to really understand and appreciate our worth and recognize that we were cheapening our services to not only our detriment, but also to the detriment of our clients.

We have since raised our prices and learned that with being confident in our value and process that we are creating a more beneficial and positive experience for everyone involved.

We have stopped giving discounts, and our clients have stopped asking for them! In fact, we were a little worried that the rate of bookings would decline because we would be pricing ourselves out with a lot of our typical clients (which we were alright with- quality over quantity!), however that drop off never really happened! We are still booking at the same rate but getting much more per booking,” says Tony.

 When I asked Tony what were the three most profound changes in your team’s mindset and how that changed their decision-making abilities, he proudly responded with,

“1.) Not adopting the money story of others. Being confident about our worth as a company and the worth of them as individuals. Knowing that what we offer is a great value that doesn’t need to be discounted.

2.) Leaving “white-space” in their schedule (especially between meetings). Not jumping from one thing to the other, but rather leaving space for their mental benefit and for the benefit of the tasks at hand.

3.) A more critical eye and mindset. In general, since our training sessions with Marla, I have noticed that my team has been invigorated to continue the improvement of our company in many ways even outside of what we worked on in the training. They have gained an excitement that manifests in constantly looking for other ways to improve and think outside the box.”

Their commitment to be leaders of change in their industry I say was a landslide that will last for years to come. Bravo DJ Maestro Team!

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To your sales success!