It’s time to celebrate!

And today we are talking all about why you need to surround yourself with those who celebrate you, champion you, and make you a better person.

One of the benefits of hanging out with the right tribe and people is that faith is contagious.

When we surround ourselves with those going after their dreams, being courageous with a wealth-conscious mindset and lighting each other up by celebrating successes, we cannot help but thrive!

Be with people who have your back and will cheer you on. We are made of energy. Be militant in whose energy you surround yourself with.

I love celebrating my clients. Here’s a perfect example of this.

A highly talented filmmaker/videographer, a member of my Money Mindset Business Breakthrough 90 day group program, invested in a private call to learn my sales funnel system that was taught at an earlier group training that she missed.

To kick off her call, I asked her to acknowledge three ways in which she has changed in mindset, behavior and habit since beginning the program two months prior.  My goal was for her to see how possible success can be in a short amount of time given focus and accountability and how far she has come.  

Did I mention that all this is possible for you too?!

Let’s look at her progress and give a serious high five!

  1. Mindset change: She evolved from a “worker bee” mindset and approach to her business to an entrepreneur who makes wise decisions for her growth. She said “increased awareness of her worth got her to shift.” Remember her money story about her hard working Mom who was a worker bee but never made much money?

She broke through her old money story and created a NEW powerful money mindset that is moving her forward!!

I asked her to give me an example of that change. She explained she chose to accept an invitation by a photographer to include a video package with his still photography for his client.  Her old mindset would have been DIY – “can’t do it because I don’t have enough bandwidth to edit the project and still make good money.”

Her NEW mindset is – YES this is how I can leverage me and hire an editor to do post production so I can do more of these type of packages and leverage me and scale my business!! That’s huge.  That’s a business owner mentality.  Not a worker bee.

    1. Behavior change: “I am now in control of my finances. I am not afraid to look at my checking balance. I look at it frequently and feel empowered! I can’t build upon if I don’t know what’s going on with my #s!” (Amazing shift)
    2. Habit change: Daily gratitude journal. She never did that before the mentoring program and now she does it daily = comes up with dreams desires and more to be grateful for.  (Rocking it)


Now I want to celebrate YOU.

Tell the people in your life about your successes, allow people who love you to celebrate you. Then post those on your IG and FB account using #MarlaDiannBrandChallenge. Tag me so I can give you some social media love.  (Did you read my recent article about this? Click here to read.)

Have a blessed amazing week and keep building your tribe of supporters who will cheer you on for all your successes and stand by you in your challenges.