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Step Into Your Wealth & Power

with Marla Diann

A 5-week Fast Track Virtual Live Course for
Achieving and Leveraging Your 2018 Revenue Goals

It’s time to disrupt your business model and personal brand messaging to rise above the insane density online.

First, let’s change your money relationship. Then change the conversation online. Then step into being an influential thought leader who impacts your industry with innovative strategies.

Before we can change your business model, brand messaging and positioning, we need to recalibrate your money mindset and relationship.


In order to show up above the online density as a powerful, clearly communicated, authentic, personal brand online and offline, a few things need shifting.

The healing of your money relationship becomes a catalyst for lasting change in decision making, behavior, habits and mindset.

Here’s how:

When you stop caving into discounts during a sales conversation and stand for your worth and dignity by committing to your real rates and actually getting them – you create a new sense of confidence, certainty and credibility.

And that confidence, certainty and credibility transfers to all parts of your life. We are integrative human beings.

A rising tide lifts all ships.

During the 5-week fast track course, “Step into Your Wealth & Power “, you and your colleagues in a group live telecourse format will learn the path to least resistance by increasing your earning power through changing how you are in relationship with money.

I know that sounds maybe odd. Change your relationship with money?

Regardless of income levels large and small, we all carry money stories, habits, behaviors and mindset with us in everything we do, say and think. No fault of anyone’s – these were developed during childhood and beyond.

Those habits, behaviors and mindset might look like this:
  • Uncertainty with asking for your higher rates during a sales conversation
  • You know you are ready for an up level in how your brand is perceived, but unsure how to navigate that
  • Be in judgement about money and maybe feel fear, worry, shame, guilt, frustration
  • Ignore money by not knowing your numbers, revenues, and expenses on a daily basis
  • Ignoring bank statements and P&L statements
  • Not relating to the power of wealth and maybe feeling uncomfortable
  • Disrespecting money – do you have an issue with paying bills?
  • Speaking negatively to ourselves and others about money

This is no fault of your own.

Read on.

We can either be aware and take action that there are prosperity blocks hidden in those stories, habits, and behaviors in so much that we realize we must transform them into more affirming, proactive habits and behaviors.

Or we can choose to continue creating less than great results in our lives hoping it gets better.

For 9 years I have been mentoring business owners. I have seen nothing sort of miracles happen when my clients face their money habits, mindset and behaviors that are not working and courageously take on a new approach, a new normal and new relationship with money.

A healthy and thriving money relationship needs to be no different than the relationship you have with your best, most loyal friend or beloved family member.

  • Respected
  • Blessed
  • Enjoyed
  • Trusting
  • Positive
  • Dedicated
  • Patient
  • Conscious
I aspire for you to:
  • Nurture money (knowing what is coming and going in our business)
  • Respect money (setting boundaries with money conversations)
  • Speak in gratitude about money (daily)
  • Bless money (daily)
  • Take care of money by staying in relationship with your numbers
  • Behave courageously (speak your truth with what you are worth rather than what you think you can get)
  • Be powerful (confident) with money management and your worth

“Knowing my value in terms of pricing and holding firm on my pricing was one of the most profound changes in my mindset during Marla’s Money Mindset Business Breakthrough program.

The increase in my pricing was a long-time coming, but Marla helped me make sense of it and be confident in my new rates.

Marla’s consistent empowering truth – “You cannot grow your business until you grow yourself” was also profound for me. Simply put, I have to grow as a person before my business can grow. Self-care.

I have begun using her branding strategy – “Branding is who you are and NOT what you do.” I learned everything I do and share online is part of my individual branding. Share and be visible for more than what I do as a DJ. Be a thought leader!

The sales funnel system she taught us, which starts with qualifying interested potential clients via a questionnaire whether they fit my ideal client qualifications – was great I LOVE THIS FORM!

My money relationship prior to her MMBB program was I would not include everything I earned as part of my financial review. I had leftover issues from when I was a child and my father would take my money and put what I had earned up on the family calendar. Marla helped me work through that and get past it. The combination of this and the concept of staying firm with my rates and knowing my value has transformed my money relationship. Thank you!”

Amani Roberts, DJ | Producer | Professor – The Amani Experience

“I had profound mindset changes and shifts in my decision making abilities as a result of being mentored by Marla.

1. That I am sharing my money legacy with my son, and I want to pass on a healthy money legacy full of abundance.

2. That I shouldn’t hide behind my photos, and that putting myself out there online and in person will only help people connect with me, and see the value of working with me.

3. That I don’t need to be a frantic workaholic to be successful.

And, before working with Marla, I thought I had a good handle on my relationship with money. Within a few conversations it became very clear to me that I was avoiding a lot of aspects when it came to my finances.

I wasn’t in a place of power. As a result of investing in myself through Marla’s program – I’ve set up savings plans, bill pay systems, and my attention is on relationship with money for the better. I continue to heal and evolve that relationship with the tools, habits and mindset I now have.”

Kaysha Weiner, Southern California Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

“Marla has played a key role in transforming my business.

Not only is she an incredible person, she is brilliant, she cares deeply about all of her clients and once I began working with her, I was kicking myself for not having started sooner. It has been the single smartest business investment I have made this year.

The golden nuggets I have received so far from her (and I am only in two months of a six month program), the savvy business direction with mindset principles to uplevel my branding, raise my standards, who I market to, and how I serve my high level clientele have been so far reaching.”

Richard Martinez | Owner/Founder Luxury Entertainment Group

Laser Focus
& New Mindset

Starting Tuesday, Nov 14 at 1 pm Pacific for 5-weeks, I will be prepping you for 2018. You have the opportunity to re-calibrate that relationship so it is working for you rather than against you.

Completing the laser focused course you will confidently move you into 2018 with a new mindset and new relationship with money that upgrades your approach to money conversations and money management while increasing your revenues.

But in a way that makes sense to you. I promise no jargon. For women we need a certain approach to money that makes sense to our emotional makeup which is very different from men.

For men they are great at being linear and focused. They just need to expand their mindset, systems and value.

Re-calibrating your wealth consciousness will change how you plan ahead for 2018 and help determine the probability of achieving your revenue goals or even higher than expected.

This will shift the trajectory of your life.  It’s that profound.

This is for the entrepreneur or professional that:
  • Prefers a fast track program to begin implementing asap with tools to higher rates frustration
  • Enjoys a group setting for learning, collaborating ideas, solutions and strategies to upgrade their mindset, habits and behaviors.
  • Values investing in their personal and business growth and are coachable ready to up level
  • Has a “no-excuses” approach – ready to make change happen
  • Has pervasive money challenges that need solutions now
  • Is ready for a new branding method to stand out above the online saturation (Think about changing the conversation)


I have seen clients for 9 years increase their self-worth, dignity, confidence, revenues and even credit scores due to upgrading their relationship with money.

“Marla gave me a lot of tools in our Money Mindset Business Breakthrough program, but my favorite was the mindset and power to say no allowing great things to come along in that place. She would say “Say no the good to get to the great.

She also taught me well to surround myself with people of similar mindsets and success attitudes creating a high vibration (AKA “my tribe”).

Before her mastermind program, I was afraid of many things having to do with money and my worth from looking at my bank account to raising my fees. Her money speedometer tool was so helpful with my money relationship and goals personally and for business!

Lastly her enrollment application sales system makes a world of difference in the client acquisition process weeding out those who are not appropriate for my services. Thank you!”

Lisa Jovicic | Wedding, Boudoir & Maternity | Lisa Marie Photographie

“I have been sharing about my new money legacy with friends and family. My relationship with money has changed dramatically.

My relationship with money is expansive and positive. I see money as a tool to make wonderful things happen and a way to reach others. Having the support and encouragement of a coach has been life changing. I didn’t recognize my full-potential until I had Marla help me focus and reel in my true gifts and power.

Money represents how you choose to invest in yourself and how you choose to invest your time. The way I do money, is the way I do everything. So grateful!”

Jessica Mendivil, Owner Mendivil Events

“I had profound changes in my mindset that altered my decision-making in business. I learned how I do money is how I do everything! This permeated every portion of my life. I took better control of my “money” allowing me to take control of my life.

I embraced that I made money and not that money made me. It’s honorable to be a strong authentic woman who can take care of my loved ones in other ways than financially. I LOVED my money therapy!

Three strategies and tools I learned that could potentially make the biggest difference in my business and revenues were removing my money clutter, knowing what I need to have as income for a thriving business and setting standards for my business and the type of clients I wanted to bring on board.”

Barbi Walters, Wedding Event Planner, Designer & Stylist
What you will learn:
  • Upgrade your wealth consciousness to support you in making bolder choices with stronger boundaries
  • Transform your money story to a new normal that raises your confidence and empowers you to no longer settle for less than you are worth
  • A step-by step process to operate in your Genius zone more often and how to eliminate confusion what to focus on every day that will bring in higher revenues
  • Make decisions easier. You will step into a higher self-worth that leads to an increase in your income or salary.
  • Raise your money vibe so you attract more abundant opportunities, higher quality clients, and a peace of mind that sticks.
  • Pinpoint exactly where the money leaks, drains or blind spots are in your business that are silently robbing you of self-worth…and what to do to move to the next level before any more time flies by
  • Get a simple formula for discussing money in life’s most important situations — such as with a spouse, friends or family – including how to eliminate money-awkwardness and replace it with courage and confidence
  • Define new boundaries that support you doing your business in your own terms
  • Build your business around your lifestyle; not the other way around
  • Re-engineer your pricing strategy so you eliminate that constant request for discounts
Our purpose:
  • Navigate a clearer path to higher, more consistent revenues without compromising your health, well-being, dignity, family or values.
  • To breakthrough to your next income level in your business, clean up unconscious “money stuff” and liberate yourself.

The Details

  • All calls are on Marla’s conference line or Zoom video meeting room at 1:00 -2:30 pm Pacific
  • 5 consecutive Tuesdays Nov 14, 21, 28, Dec 5, Dec 12
  • Private FB page for daily connection, support, questions, and inspiration
  • Done for you handouts and templates
  • Audio recordings of all calls



*On Nov 12, all early bird offers end. Full pay $997 only

*After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with event details and follow up email reminders.

*For those who would prefer Fast Action 1-1 private coaching on this topic– Marla offers a ½ day $2500 or full day $5,000 VIP Intensive in person or via Zoom.

Please email to schedule a call.