Fantastic way for an entrepreneur to begin the year!

Celebrating a new website and official launch of an up-leveled 11 year old business!

Let’s congratulate my long time dear friend and client Brianne Cohen for – a premier event planning and wine education company!

A dream come true for her.

Brianne and I worked together most of 2018 into early 2019 to upgrade her wealth consciousness (rates), leverage her structure, scale, enhance her sales system, and integrate her Sommelier expertise into her already successful event business. She then brought in her talented sister to bring it all to life as you witness this week… a new brand and website!!

She’s an outstanding example of diligently designing and monetizing a business around her passions and genius talents!! I’m honored to be part of her creative innovation!

Direct from her Instagram post Dec 30, 2019: I officially launch and speak to my full business: event/wedding production and wine education! What separates me from the pack is my fun and relaxed energy. I remove any stress you have about your event, your wedding, or a bottle of wine. Allow me to help you DRINK BETTER and UP YOUR WINE GAME. Cheers and (almost) happy new year!”

I invite you to read behind the scenes of how Brianne re-engineered her business structure and mindset during the coaching program. What she learned will surprise you!

Want to explore your dream business?

Email to schedule a conversation. Creatives are taking leaps of faith all year long!

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Blessings for a prosperous 2020!