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I am fascinated by successful business minds. And, especially when I least expect it.

Who doesn’t love John Travolta?

Not only is he a brilliant actor and stellar commercial airplane pilot, but he is quite a savvy business negotiator.

Did you know he personally negotiated his long time “Ambassador” deal with Quantas Airlines? And, then with Boeing?

I had no idea how skilled he was in business until I watched this video of his interview on Grant Cardone’s 10X stage from Vegas in February 2020.

He tells the story of how he did the deal. This will blow you away how simple it was. (Yes, he had his celebrity status going for him, but how he does this is quite amazing.)

Watch. Would love your feedback.

From the Quantas site about his Ambassador role:

“John Travolta became a Qantas Ambassador in June 2002, when we launched the Spirit of Friendship tour to foster goodwill and encourage people to travel after September 11.

John Travolta first became aware of Qantas as a boy, when his fascination with all things aviation began. He was struck by Qantas’ safety record and the fact that it flew the longest routes in the world.

After learning to fly light aircraft in his teens, John began to buy aircraft in his 20s, eventually acquiring an ex-Qantas Boeing 707.

Upon commencing our Spirit of Friendship Tour, John was presented with his 747-400 ‘wings’, having undergone extensive training with Qantas in Sydney and Boeing in Seattle.

The tour began on 1 July 2002, with John piloting his Boeing 707, painted in its original 1960s Qantas branding and livery.”

After watching the video, visit his website for all things Travolta!


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