Celebrating 10 years of Changing Lives!

Practicality can rob you of possibilities and the miracles destined to show up for you.

I know. Been there, done that. No more! It seems I spent a lifetime examining what I truly wanted vs. what I thought I wanted. HUGE difference, right? Now I make decisions by using my inner GPS (intuition) before I do anything important for my well-being and fulfillment.

During my BRAND NEW luxury retreat for 10 selectively chosen creative, intuitive women entrepreneurs held on Aug 1-3, 2018 the Tuscan-inspired gorgeous resort of Westlake Village Inn. I will be partnering with these women how to identify their beautiful zone of genius and why creative renewal is a precursor to living in that genius and joy more often. (a.k.a Sweet Spot)

Even more, the women will be mentored in what prevents them from being in that joy more often. When we operate from that zone, life and work become more at ease, graceful and certain.

I craved that and have spent the last two years mastering this process.

Our zone of genius comes from our creativity, an inspired place. It’s hard to be in that space when we are looking the other way at what we think we are supposed to be doing. No fault of our own. We weren’t trained to know it.

I encourage you to ask yourself how have you been negotiating your truth about your desires and when would you make them a reality.

Our own practicality will often rob us of our dreams, desires and building a business on our own terms. It’s a learned behavior we can transform.

How do we even know what “business on our terms” means? We will go into that during the retreat but begin with defining what “work” means to you. Journal it. In that, you will find what does and does not serve you and your joy.

No settling in my world. It either brings you joy or it does not.

On Aug 1-3, I will be passionately guiding 10 intuitive beautiful creative women who share that same vision – to live a rich life embracing their genius and desires while running a business that is more in line with their purpose and happiness.

When you can have your no be a solid no and your “yes” be a solid yes in any situation, you know you will have developed a deeper spiritual connection to your intuition. We will talk about that, too at the retreat! (Oh, that topic is a BIG breakthrough for women.)

I encourage you to stop being practical and be outrageous! Liberate yourself!

Join me at the resort to collapse your time frame in living your best life now, rather than next year or the year after that. You cannot see what awaits you on the other side of that transformation. Just know it’s quite magnificent.

Click here for the retreat details if you are curious and something may have “lit up” in you when reading this.

This is a highly curated retreat. A completed application is required to be accepted.

To ensure the quality of the retreat and commitment to the group and individual transformation, we are holding a space of respect, dignity, love, support, and celebration.

With love and blessings,