I almost hit full burnout. Thank God for listening to my intuition.

Saturday morning, June 6, I was all set and energized to head out and run errands after I did my self-care quiet routine of reading my spiritual books, journaling, and a nature walk.

In all transparency, this was my first weekend since April without either work-related deadlines or tax prep deadlines. In my normal pre-COVID life, most weekends were for play, errands, and relaxation.

Then COVID hit and all routines fell apart. The demand to pivot and find some footing while making sense of life and work took its toll on me under the radar as stress. More and more stress kept piling up each week for over two months; even when I thought I was doing my self-care.

It wasn’t until Saturday when I was getting ready to go out the door to run errands and have a free-spirited, no deadlines day that the post-stress symptoms hit me like a ton of bricks.

My energy felt depleted rather quickly and I listened to my intuition say, “Take it, easy girl. You
aren’t going anywhere. Rest. Meditate. Regain your strength and focus on your health and

So, I did.

I rested on the sofa while listening to Gabby Bernstein interview Tapping expert, Jessica Ortner, as she taught this wellness technique for stress relief, physical and emotional health, and weight loss to name a few.

I knew of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for years, but never really dove into it, until now. It resonated so deeply that I was inspired to share it with you given the anxiety and stress we are all experiencing during this time of unrest and change.

I spent the whole afternoon relaxing, resting, and watching Jessica’s YouTube videos about this life-changing modality. I downloaded her app and began using it to clear the stress that had snuck up on me.

Tapping is based on ancient Chinese acupressure points and modern psychology where the effect sends a calming response to the brain making it possible to relax and change your belief systems.

Harvard studies show the stimulating selected meridian acupoints decreases activity in the amygdala, as well as other parts of the brain associated with negative emotions. From The Tapping Solution info, “EFT Tapping Lowers the Stress Hormone Cortisol by 43%.

I encourage you to give yourself extra self-care and self- love. When we do, we can be even more present for ourselves and others.

Let’s RESET and upgrade our self-care to a new level.

It is a highly sensitive time where our every word and intention is being examined for good reason. I encourage you to give yourself permission to focus even more on your well-being as you take your stand for equality, inclusiveness, and change.

I encourage you to visit The Tapping Solution website. Jessica has built a global healing business with her two brothers and a team of 15+ people.

Their newest tapping meditation is Racial Anxiety Relief created by guest expert Dr. Damon Silas, a psychologist who specializes in anxiety and trauma.

He shares in their email:

“I am also a black man in mourning. During this time especially, it can feel impossible to relax. I get it. That’s why I felt called to create a Tapping meditation for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color to experience some ease from the anxiety (alongside many other emotions) that comes from racial injustices – injustices that we are witnessing and experiencing across this country and within our own community.

The pain we are feeling is justified, and our bodies still need a break. Whether you are having trouble sleeping, experiencing headaches, stomachaches, or a racing heart, we need to take care of ourselves so that we can connect to our own power. You can find this free Tapping Meditation in the Crisis Support section of The Tapping Solution App.

As I was recording this, I had to pause as I almost began to cry. I was reminded again of the power of acknowledging your feelings and Tapping. Sending Peace, Love, and Light to you all.”

Go to The Tapping Solution YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TryItProductions and site: https://www.thetappingsolution.com

Please share your thoughts. I want to support your well-being.

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