remember whyI want to take you back to the spark of inspiration and excitement on that day when you got that “aha” moment to take action on your passion and create a business.


Remember why you started.


Go back there for a moment. How does that feel?


As you began to jump into the realities of running a business, separate from your expertise, you realized that was a whole other ball game.


You probably asked like I did—“How do you balance all this stuff? What do I focus on first? How do I build momentum? What’s the best way to acquire the right clients fast?”


You had a “passion” to make a difference in people’s lives while supporting yourself and your family with your bright creativity.


Whether that moment was filled with excitement or fear or both – now you are in business a few years or more and you’ve experienced a few skinned knees from falling down and getting back up with dignity to carry on, right?


You are a better person for it.


The entrepreneurial journey is so humbling, isn’t it? I see it as a gift on so many levels because it’s really one of the more profound personal development courses you can ever experience!


I know with my own 21 years of being an entrepreneur, I have had more incredible shifts and evolving of who I am,  how I navigated my relationship with money, my self-worth, networking skills, creativity demanded on the spot, decision-making and so much more.


I truly want you to acknowledge where you are and where you came from.


THAT deserves loads of recognition for all the courage, faith, belief and trust you demonstrated in times of uncertainty and then victory!


That was then. This is now.


In order to continue the momentum and growth you built, you have to get really honest with yourself and look at how you make choices and what areas of your business need help. This self-examination is the first step to up-leveling.


If we want to move into the next level of income, creditability, positioning, perception, branding, etc. we must be willing to call it like it is! It may sound like this:


“I need help. I can’t possibly move to the next level using the same marketing systems (or lack thereof), mindset, boundaries (or lack thereof), or approach to sales as I have or I will get the same results.”


Admitting you need support is not always easy but it sure is powerful. And so is the investment in yourself.


When opportunities came up for me to change my old ways or admit something is just not in my best interest over the last eight years of my coaching business – I turned to my mentor.


And that was always a game changer.


I invested in myself and got real laser focused on the next step and the next step and the next.


What’s been on your “gotta change” list for months?


I’m sharing from the frontlines of working with one of my dear clients who gave me permission to share with you what happened in a call last week.  We took a gentle but deep look at her behaviors and how it affected her branding and business building.


So speaking of change, here is the courageous Silvia Lucena of Classic Detailed Events as she made a comment to our group program members after a coaching call she had with me.


testimonial_blog_image“I have been meaning to share with you all the huge AH HA! /emotional and eye opening moment I had on Marla’s call last week. First off, let me just say that she had to go back to her journalistic days to drill the questions and thoughts out of me (it was pretty awesome to experience and actually feel myself come out from hiding) … but she did it!


My whole life and the real person whom I am supposed to be in this life flashed before my eyes. My past, my surroundings, family members and my future and where and who I am meant to be as a person in this lifetime.


My breakthrough came as I examined the hard shell, strict, reserved person whom I have grown to be and thought I had to be. It was just a coping personality.


NOW, the hard work begins… living my REAL purpose and changing my habits to be reborn into the new magnificent ME and business owner!!


I cannot thank you enough for our call Marla! I can’t wait to replay the recording everyday if I have to!”


Courage is knocking at your door.


You can lean on me to help you.  I have a simple solution that doesn’t require a lengthy mentoring program. For FAST. ACTION. RESULTS.  Book a VIP day half or full, in- person or virtual, to move you to the next level.


Here’s a checklist of pervasive challenges or conditions commonly needing change:

  • Getting clear on the challenge
  • Strategic Revenue Planning
  • Your Sales Funnel System
  • Leveraging and Systemizing: Work less, get paid more
  • Cost of Not Standing in Your Power with Money
  • Your Packaging & Pricing for Higher Revenues and Consistent Cash Flow
  • Personal Branding Platforms
  • Positioning & Perception for Stronger Credibility and Higher Revenues
  • Leverage Your Time For Productivity

Here’s what a VIP Day is: one-on-one private mentoring with me via phone, skype, or in-person for either 4 or 7 hours with breaks (full immersion) to address the challenge and navigate solutions and action steps to be implemented fast!


I have 2 spots open for either ½ of full day. It begins with an application and complimentary discovery call to explore if this is for you or not.


The 1st 4 to apply for the 2 open VIP Day or half day spots receive my Money Archetype assessment. This is a highly personalized and unique insight into who you are with money: strengths, behaviors, mindset, challenges, and then proactive solutions to upgrade your money relationship. Normally, a stand-alone 60 min session to determine your Money Archetype is $350. I’m giving it as a BONUS to the 1st 4 that apply for the 2 open slots by April 1st. Click here to complete the application.




My team will contact you to schedule the Discovery call. Once the 2 spots are filled, I am moving onto composing and delivering the next Branding and Business Innovation workshop!  Watch for details.


When I step into your space, I bring a combined 30 years of Entertainment PR, Personal Branding, Storytelling, Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Inspiration, and Success Principles to our relationship.


I mentor passionate, ambitious creative women how to navigate a clear path to higher, more consistent revenues without compromising their health, well-being, dignity, family or values.


Remember why you started. Be brave and courageous. I’m your wing woman.


I believe in you,



P.S. 2 spots open for 1-1 mentoring to get the fast action plan. Apply by April 1.