Hello Creatives!

Have you ever considered looking at your beliefs about what “work” means to you? A few years ago as I was preparing to start a new chapter in my life, I chose to question everything that I considered the status quo.

Starting with how I do work.

When I examined it – I realized I was hanging onto old beliefs and habits of struggle, frustration, stress, lackluster, and a harried approach to work. No wonder I was craving change!

I discovered it was a matter of HOW I was doing work; not so much WHAT I was doing. I’m doing one of my life callings – my passion for people’s success. I love coaching and mentoring. But it was the way in which I was delivering it that made me discontented and restless.  So let’s have you ask yourself – “How do I define work?”

  • Is it full of demands, overwhelm, stress, cluttered environment, old systems, and a less than ideal office space to be creative?
  • Then ask yourself how do you want your experience of work to be?

For example, my new definition of work now includes fun, play, creativity, travel, culture-rich locations, and inspiring high-frequency energy to light me up as I work. I made the choice to change how I did my mentoring and coaching by changing my business model from being sequestered in a home year-round to laptop lifestyle.

I gave myself permission to travel and work a least once a year or more to awesome destinations like Italy. I don’t have to be in one location to do what I do. I want to play, travel AND work!  

I highly encourage you to examine your mindset around “work” and see what needs evolving in order to live the life of your dreams.

Is it time to explore your dreams, desires, mindset, career, business growth or lack thereof, and discover what’s holding you back?

If not now? When?

With grace and ease,