In the midst of this constant turmoil with COVID, we can lose connection with our own creative spirit.

It can be a challenge when we are constantly required to pivot, change, and then change again day after day, week after week. It can wear us down. I understand.

My creative renewal method was born of my own disconnect from my creative spirit a few years ago. I was impatient, quick to react, unsettled, living in my head and just plain disconnected from my heart

Until I woke up to the truth that I needed a healing. I became proactive and reached out to my coach. I made a one year life plan with her, which to this day, my life looks and feels completely different. I feel peaceful, loving, creative and happy more often. Out of the challenge came a beautiful lesson and gift. That gift is how I coach my creative renewal method to my clients. I watch their stress, anxiety and discontent give way to relief and joy.

You can, too. Here are a few tips to get started.
1) I am encouraging you to rethink your relationship with your creativity. How can you preserve it and love on it more? Sit for a moment and think about that.
2) When have you thought about how you are “in relationship” with your creativity? How do treat it? How do you think, act and feel about your creativity?

3) What are you doing to keep your creativity fed and nurtured? Or what can you do to create a new relationship with your creativity to uplift you?

If we are to operate at the levels required in our businesses while also feeling fulfilled and maintain our passion, we must take time to nourish our creative spirit.
For example, have you considered going on a retreat alone for a day locally or a weekend in the mountains? Attend a resort that’s open? Or find a new passion in cooking, gardening, writing, donating time to an organization, or some activity related to animals?

Add playback into your life. I challenge you this week to feel the feelings of delight!

Creative renewal is a wake-up call to pay more attention to our spirit – that which lights us up. As creatives, if we don’t up our game in how we nurture our creativity, we can feel dull, numbed out, and sometimes just plain bored.

We can be stuck in doing mode, not expansive creating mode. By allowing yourself to dance, play, take on a new creative activity, connect with nature more, or paint, we renew our relationship with our creativity and new ideas come forth.

Did you know whenever Einstein got stuck on one of his many projects needing a solution, he would stop and go play his violin to break his pattern and reconnect with his creativity.

What’s your violin? Share with me in the comments below what you plan to do this week to nurture your creative spirit. For a more in-depth conversation to reignite your creativity, email requesting to schedule a 45-minute intro Zoom call.

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Blessings for an extraordinary week,