The BIG “B” – she protects, dignifies, clarifies, and builds confidence like no other. When we employ her strengths and rely on her direction, our life and business take on a whole new level of respect and value.


She also helps shape our leadership style and position us as an entrepreneurial woman of distinction and style.


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When we pay attention to her, she gives us freedom. She has quite an influence!


Have you guessed who she is yet?


B-o-u-n-d-a-r-i-e-s! With a BIG B!


In my eight years of mentoring and coaching women business owners, this has to be the number one challenge for most women as to why they are not making the income they desire nor have a business they love.


Do any of these common scenarios show up in your business and life?

  • Saying yes to more often than no
  • Overbooking your calendar due to fear of rejection
  • Accepting responsibilities that are not yours
  • Not being clear on your highest pay-off activities and spending too much time on non-priority tasks
  • Letting your own needs come last with family and clients
  • Taking on a client you know is not a match for you, but you do it anyway for the money
  • Money conversations with potential clients and giving in to discounts for fear of losing the client
  • Money conversations (or lack of) with your spouse due to feeling disempowered
  • Afraid to say what needs to be said and what needs to be done with clients, team members and family for fear of rejection and hurting their feelings
  • Doing too much DIY tasks instead of delegating to a team member
  • And plenty more


Ladies, no worries please. No fault of your own. We have learned this behavior from our environment and usually how we were raised. There is a solution to regaining your dignity. Hang tight.


Here are a few of many positive results when we establish clear boundaries:

  • You are empowered to take bolder actions that produce higher results.
  • You command a higher fee and get it.
  • Your confidence shoots way up and your vibe attracts quality people, situations and brilliant ideas that result in higher revenues.
  • You gain stronger respect and trust from your team, clients and family because you are clear and powerful.
  • You feel liberated and have a huge sense of freedom from the burden of guilt, fear, worry, and shame.
  • You are perceived as a leader in your industry among your peers.

I have a short story that demonstrates the power of saying what needs to be said and taking a stand for your truth. My business owner client came to her mentoring session with tears in her eyes. I intuitively knew what was happening. I listened as she explained she can’t live like this anymore with her lack of clear boundaries with her kids, friends and husband. She wanted to grow her make-up artistry business without the guilt of not being always available them. She craved giving to herself as much as she was giving to everyone else. We mapped out a plan how to speak her truth and ask for what she wanted. I requested she authentically talk to her kids, friends and husband within the next four days by asking for their support. That night she not only was met with acceptance, enthusiasm and love from her kids and husband, but her confidence soared! She had a major breakthrough due to honoring her needs and truth.


What’s your truth that needs to be expressed? What boundaries have been needing a voice?


5 Steps to Getting Started with Stronger Boundaries that Build Respect, Confidence and Higher Value:

  1. I’m giving you permission to say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done without the guilt. Your self-care comes first so you can give more to others.
  2. Shift your mindset to this truth: when you take extremely good care of yourself – others will respect and treat you the same. That is a clear statement to the Universe that says you value you. As a result, opportunities, quality relationships, money, ideas, joy, and more begin to show up more often. Yes, really.
  3. Seriously, compose a tolerations list. I call it clearing the decks. It’s all those things that literally drain your energy small or large that you have been tolerating. Maybe it’s letting go of a client that you know is high maintenance. Perhaps it’s the paint job needed in the living room for the last year. Or is it replacing the dingy rug in the bathroom, or finally hiring that assistant to take on the tasks that pull you away from your highest pay-off activities (leverage).
  4. Place you on your calendar like other appointments and make them non-negotiable. Meaning, if a client or family member wants the time you allotted for you – simply offer them a few other options on your calendar. The more you do this, the more liberated and confident you become.
  5. Build a strong support system around you (family and close friends) by communicating your hopes, desires and goals so they have the option to standby you.

Trust me, when you speak your truth, you will be met with love. Set healthy boundaries at work and home and you will see your confidence, self-worth, value and productivity soar!


Ready to breakthrough and create stronger boundaries? Reach out to my team to schedule a discovery call to explore what’s possible.