How will you do this year differently?

Welcome to your clean slate. Isn’t it a gift? I get so excited when a new year begins! We get another chance to do life over again. It’s really a miracle and a blessing, don’t you think?

So, how will you do this year differently to create better results, fulfillment, and more happiness?

Here’s a running start of ideas – what I wish for you in 2018:

Courage and intuition when to say no and being selective when to say yes to what lights you up. A loving, compassionate, & supportive circle of friends, family and colleagues. A new relationship with your creativity so much that your life is transformed closer to the real you. A new perspective that enables you to grow, progress and build success on your own terms. A healthy body, mind and soul.

Many of these can be inspired by your own creative renewal by focusing on a new relationship with your creative self.

Stop and think for a moment – how do you interact with your artist self? Your creative self? It’s the place where ideas, innovation, and a deeper connection to your higher power reside.

Beautiful Truth: We are and can continue to be the greatest creators of our time where we have capabilities to build cities and inspire nations, design products, innovate technology, ignite human potential, and progress our lives as long as we retool our creativity.

Do you place demands on your inspiration and creativity?

When you are under deadlines, do you place burden on your creativity to perform or do you allow a few days or weeks for the idea to evolve and emerge? Are you kind and compassionate with your artistry? Are you kind to it or do you expect a lot out of your creativity and get frustrated when it doesn’t perform?

When we nurture our creativity and treat it as a precious relationship just like we do our children, family, and close friends, it will come around more often.

What could be your Creative Renewal for 2018?

Many are seeking a remedy to their cravings. You are not alone. It’s everywhere. Creative renewal is a fresh look at life. It’s a renaissance of your life. It’s a renewed curiosity; a humbled vulnerability.

I am here as your creative muse. Let’s birth a whole new way of showing up in the world. Email my team at and let’s chat. I’ll make time for a discovery call.

Blessings for a remarkably creative year!