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Contrary to popular belief, if your sales are struggling, your wealth consciousness is the first place to look if you want to convert higher sales. Not your marketing.

Wealth consciousness is how you feel, think and act with money. It is also how much you believe you are worth. And, lastly, it is the belief we have access to abundance more often than the default thinking of lack or doubt.

In my Higher Earning Power handout, I give you simple tips to get started in raising your wealth consciousness and earning power. I’ve included my signature money breakthrough checklist to help you identify blind spots that could be keeping you from owning your worth, feeling confident when saying your higher rates to your potential client during a sales conversation, and creating higher, more consistent revenues.

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“My business took a hit as a result of Covid, like many businesses. Not exclusive to my business or industry. I was getting frustrated around money. Why is money not coming in? Why can’t I achieve the sales I am accustomed to? Why, why? Then I was referred to Marla from a colleague of mine and that’s when things began to turn around.

Marla pointed out to me I had a block around money. So, I applied the techniques she has taught me in my personal life and business and, a MIRACLE happened, a blessing, a gift!”

Robin Ingalls-Fitzgerald


“Before the program: Honestly, I didn’t really value money. I had no relationship with it. I just saw it for what it was “paper” and an exchange for goods and services. I was not confident in my money conversations when it came to charging my clients. Money felt like a taboo thing you didn’t talk about. I did not track my money nor know my numbers. I would just receive it, have it in one account and spent accordingly.

After the program: It was a complete 180 for me, I was able to truly understand what the real purpose of money is. Money at its purist form is energy. It is how we are blessed for our products or services that we provide others and how we bless other people with it. Tangibly it is “paper” but at its purist form, it a blessing. I have so much respect for it now and I understand that money is abundant therefore; I don’t “fear” not being able to attain it. I now treat it accordingly by tracking it, organizing it and planning for it.

Really changing paradigms in how I think and act with money changed my life and Marla did just that; she was able to truly help me understand how money really works. Really profound and powerful how she was able to do that.”

Juan Castro


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