In follow up to the “Holiday Humanity” Storytelling campaign post a few days ago, I have a very moving, inspiring story to share with you!


When’s the last time you came across a humanity effort that touches you so deeply that you are called to step in and get involved? You know. It’s that “divine urge” that inspires you to take immediate action?


It’s actually Universal Energy working its magic.


When you hold certain dreams in your heart and think about them frequently – we cause connections, people, events, and more to show up as a demonstration of that inspired idea.


That’s how dreams come to life. Well that happened to me last week while reading Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles 10th Anniversary Edition (I’ve read the 1st edition).


I’ve been thinking a lot about imagination, innovation, legacy, creativity and humanity. I came across the remarkable story of Caine’s Arcade” — about a young innovative boy who creates a cardboard arcade out of left over boxes in the back of his father’s auto store. (He needed to entertain himself)


The story that follows is nothing short of miraculous.


In 2012, a chance encounter between a filmmaker and a nine-year-old entrepreneur sparked a worldwide movement celebrating creativity, play and the power of imagination. That movement is now called IMAGINATION FOUNDATION.


From a movie to a movement.


If after watching Caine’s video you are inspired to get involved – email me! I’ve already reached out to the foundation to start a chapter in the L.A. area.  Join me!


“Why creativity? The world is changing at a fantastic speed. The future requires people who can problem-solve, adapt and communicate in workplaces and environments that are increasingly complex. Creativity creates jobs, drives economic growth and provides answers to societal needs. And it also maximizes human potential.” — Imagination Foundation


In a few days I will have a blog post interview with an Imagination Foundation chapter leader, Tonya Fletcher, an educator in the North Carolina School System. She is a Mom and advocate of youth leadership in creativity and technology. She shares her insights to being a youth innovation advocate fostering entrepreneurship skills via her local Imagination chapter. She shares the excitement of how being involved has broadened her connections globally (and her students) to other chapter leaders also passionate about inspiring youth creativity!


Now that’s humanity at its best.


Remember, I’m collecting your personal human interest stories for the holidays — if you missed the last post – here are the details.


So many blessings,

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