Hello Creatives,

#Miraclemindset story this week demonstrates the power of allowing fun, new, lucrative opportunities to find you. Be open to miracles large and small to show up.

When my mentor of five years, who has and continues to transform my life and business, reached out to me to join her and many other high achieving women in being a beauty brand ambassador for a billion-dollar wellness company’s new collagen product line, I was willing to listen.

Here’s an ambitious woman who went from $24K a year in business 15 years ago to a consistent annual revenue of $5 million as a luxury lifestyle empowerment coaching business owner to now adding a residual income channel to her already successful life and business.

The only reason I said yes to even looking at the opportunity was the incredible impact she has had on my life already and thousands of other women globally to live a luxury laptop lifestyle and business.

I was extremely curious and I trusted her.

I trusted her work ethic, integrity, character, business acumen, drive, ambition, and how she lives unapologetically as an empowered feminine entrepreneur who follows her joy and desires. Otherwise, I would not have even considered this opportunity if it weren’t for all that.

I, like you, have been approached by many residual passive income opportunities over the years. Some I jumped into and some not. Some worked. Some did not. Mostly did not.

She pointed out something very true about the traditional business model most of us are doing. Each time we seek to create or increase our revenues, we need to offer a service, product, program, etc. It’s the popular business model trading time and talent for income with a team for leverage.

She piqued my interest. I was looking for an additional stream of income alongside my retirement account of growing investments where I didn’t have to add more to an already full plate, but could collaborate with others to win.

Residual income is smart as long as you have a solid long-standing company, training, and people you can trust to have your back and want your success as much as you want success.

Lightbulb moment. I’m in. Now I am in business with my 7-figure mentor learning from her and other super successful women as our group of high achieving women luxuriate in using this stellar collagen skin care line and drink liquid, delicious collagen.

So, if you are looking to be in a community of high vibe women, have access to healthy beauty products you will love, and make residual income, then this may be the opportunity for you like I found it to be.

If you are curious, or know someone who could be, as I was, reply back and I will send you beginning info to try these products.

#Miraclemindset – Always allow incredible opportunities to find you.

Abundant gratitude,

Marla Diann