Funny how life happens.


It’s no coincidence based on the premise in this email that I attract a cold last week and it affected my vocal chords where I had a challenge speaking. Today I am actually on the mend feeling and sounding much better, but here’s why this is poignant.


money legacy1As women leaders in our homes, local communities and the world, we are currently on the edge of a major evolution.
Do you feel it?


Everywhere you look women are taking a stand for their voice, their worth, and their place in our every changing world more than ever before.


Thought leaders like journalist Tina Brown, former editor and chief of Vanity Fair, Tatler, The New Yorker and Newsweek, founded Women in the World in 2010; Claire Zammit, women empowerment expert and founder of Evolving Wisdom; Sandra Yancey, eWomen Network founder and thousands more are making their platforms a place to build a legacy and momentum for the greater cause of women global leadership.


It’s a consciousness evolution and we are being called to do it.


It’s all about IMPACT and taking responsibility in your own local communities. But let’s bring it even closer to home and it points to your own money legacy.


What are you doing on a daily basis to contribute to your own legacy with the greater consciousness as a by-product?


I found a new voice and passion that spoke to my “buried, unspoken” feminine divine power as a result of attending my mentor’s training two weeks ago. Ali Brown is so brilliant at identifying the leading edge well before most anyone else. This time she passionately encouraged speaking up and taking a stand for the yourself in the global women’s leadership movement. In other words, expand your reach and compassion to the greater good.


Even though I’ve heard some of this before, I must have been ready to hear it and live it this time around. It struck a deep chord in my heart.


money legacy-header

The invite today is for all Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego county women and those of you who know women there. REGISTER NOW  for April 16th from 6-9 pm in Huntington Beach where my guest financial strategist expert, Susan Green and I, will be speaking about building your own money legacy as a business owner while contributing to the greater cause of women global leadership. I’ll be using the catalyst of your relationship with money to help you see yourself as a congruent brand. Susan will be covering the six important financial strategies for women to take control of your financial future.


The 3-hour workshop early rate is only $35 – bring your colleagues and friends and join us in redefining your voice, your stand and your money legacy.


End your silence. Speak your truth. Take a stand. 


Let’s build this together!