Happy Springtime Creatives!

Springtime marks the time of rebirth and new beginnings. You feel it? Spring is a welcomed burst of joy in the midst of this horrible war. Sending abundant prayers daily to the people and country of Ukraine.

We are in week 4 of Mindful Productivity. Have you been using any of the tips so far?


I definitely noticed a surge in my productivity and results so much that I’m in the mindful productivity habit for good going forward!

Seriously, all productivity and results have doubled for me this month. That’s what I desire for you. The trick is staying focused on the “vibe” of “mindful productivity” daily. Deliberate creation, that can support the momentum and experience the three signs I explain in this week’s hack.

BONUS TIP: the power of holding a thought and feeling that matches your desire is called vibrational harmony. That sets us up for miracles to occur. How do you do this?

Think and feel AS IF it’s already physically present in your life. How would it feel if you already had ______ (fill in the blank)?

This is a discipline to create. I know it’s not easy. Our reptile, logical brain defaults to the negative of lack and not having what we want way more than our imaginative thinking AS IF it’s already here.

Like anything else worth being, doing, or having, it requires repetition of discipline until it’s a new normal or habit. Ideally, we want you to live more often in the feeling and thought of what you desire, rather than the lack of not having. Make sense? This is quantum physics, not some half-baked metaphysical formula.

My mindful productivity hack this week was inspired by Joanna Garzilli, author of Big Miracles, 11 Spiritual Principles for Ultimate Success. It begins with the question, “If I trusted that Spirit (insert your higher power) was guiding me, what would I do now?

When you are in a place with a project or goal feeling unsure what the next step would be, stop and take a deep breath. Align with your higher power by asking for support and a clue as you focus on your desires and goals. The next right action will be made clear to you. I call this tuning into your intuition. It’s also called deliberate creation.

Confirmation that you are taking the right action could come in three forms:

It’s a knowing. You have no physical evidence yet, but it feels right. You have quiet assurance without all the drama of doubt and guessing energy.

Right people are responding. You have a vision and a specific plan for how you want to implement it. Ask your intuition, “Who would be aligned with my idea, message, product, or service?” All you need is one influential person to say yes to have evidence of being on track.

Synchronistic events: These happen rather quickly and in threes. That resource or person you imagined shows up. Connections and collaborations form out of left field. That’s evidence you are on the right track!

Do you have any stories to share with me that match this mindful productivity hack? I’d love to hear it!

Make it an outstanding week!