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Personal growth always precedes business growth. The personal development part of my holistic coaching method for my creatives requires evaluating and transforming the person running the business first.

I have proven structures and systems to teach and implement, which are vital, however, if your decision-making abilities, relationship with money, success mindset, spiritual practices, self-care habits, boundaries, discipline, and level of confidence is lacking, those effective systems and strategies will not be sustainable because of the person directing them.

This typically causes limiting results and low fulfillment.

Hence the profound reason for focusing on personal development first then the “outside” structures and systems to be successfully implemented. My initial intention when starting with a private or group client is examining what habits, behaviors, and mindset are keeping them from moving to the next level of success.

We are focused on who are they to become the next version of themselves. Who is that successful “next level” person and how do they act, think, and feel?

And every client has their own unique evolution and timing of that change. The change could be a stronger confidence in their worth and value. Thus, charging more for their talents without caving into other people’s money stories. It could be refined boundaries that support their self-care and self-esteem. It could be the mindset of acting “AS IF” they are already that 6 or 7 figure business owner who is not compromising their well-being, values, family time, dignity or health. Whichever the change is – each of my incredibly gifted clients has their own unique way of processing their personal development.

Introducing Juan Castro, DJ/MC/Remixer/Vibe Creator, of Invisible Touch Events based in Orange County and Co-Founder of CDA Productions.

Juan is right in the middle of his Creative Entrepreneur Success Program as of this blog article. And the timing of his changes is right on target and exactly where he needs to be in his evolution of the next version of who he is to become.

He has his very own unique process of evolving and personal development. I am aspiring for him to create a “new normal” where he manifests higher results and certainly have it be more fulfilling personally, financially, spiritually, and professionally.

One of his main reasons he wanted the coaching was to upgrade and strengthen his accountability to not only the owner of Invisible Touch Events, Robert Arthur, and the team, but especially to himself. It’s that rock solid discipline required to be a success at anything. Along the way to that success are common obstacles that prevent us from being consistent and creating the result we desire.

Juan would be the first to tell you he is a visionary to the word go, but his own self-sabotage was getting in his way of reaching even higher than his current success as an artist, entertainer, DJ, remixer, innovator, and leader.

We were on a call last week that demonstrated how he is right in the middle of his change (evolution) and he shared how awkward it can feel at times (I call it wonky) yet also grounded. It’s the midst of up-leveling where most things don’t feel familiar anymore and you are searching for what feels authentic and in the slot.

He commented: “That’s exactly what it feels like (grounded)! I can feel the changes naturally now. I don’t know what my norm is anymore. I feel like I’m evolving and my norm is changing. I’m excited as I am going through these changes!

The only thing I don’t like is that I feel like I am being integrated into the system. I think that’s just the rebel inside me though. I notice my mind does not go into wander or deep thoughts as much as it used to. (That’s a good thing!). I am in definitely in transition. I feel like I am right smack in the middle of it! I’m just going along with it naturally. I don’t bother questioning it. I am allowing it to happen and take its course. I’m being patient and trying to keep focus.”

As I validated where he was, he clarified even more,

“What I mean by system is our “societal system” – the systems that we are conditioned to live by as human beings here in America. I know I made the decision to do that when I hired you and joined your program. I knew there was an agenda and set of habits that if followed it will lead to success (monetary and spiritual) within “the system”. I have been working at it and I notice that I am being integrated to society as an individual of success.

Before the program, I felt like I wondered more, less focused, was against falling into “our system” and just be as open-minded as I possibly could. In a way before this program, I felt like I was watching life from the sidelines and that is what led to feeling out of sorts, imbalanced, and uncertain. I am now in transition so I know that down the road, I will find a balance or common ground, where I will find my sweet spot and be successful on my own terms, but within the system and still feel free and open-minded.”

That, my friends, is a well-expressed evolution of a visionary, artist, leader and humanitarian. Leading up to this change we worked on his money relationship, which was in fairly good shape to begin with. Using this as a catalyst for change in all parts of his life, Juan is now more in relationship with his numbers, revenues, forming new habits of saving, budgeting, and using my “money bucket” system to keep his money flowing and organized year round. And, he increased his credit score as a result of the new habits. That’s a big win!

I am so thrilled at his willingness to make the shifts and changes knowing he is stepping into his power to impact society, art, culture, and innovation at a higher level. He has a big vision that I will let him share with you on his own time. I aspire for all my clients to make their mark on society on their own terms and most authentically.

As a businessman, influencer, and talent, Juan is well on his way to his own success and fulfillment and I am darn proud to be part of that journey.

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To your dreams manifesting,