Evolving and succeeding into the next level can be a bittersweet experience or maybe a long desired liberation depending on your situation. 🙂

When we choose to be coached, it’s a commitment to our personal, spiritual, mental, financial and professional growth. We evolve. It’s a beautiful thing!

And sometimes that can come at a price with the people we have been spending the most time with.

It’s a natural progression of evolving to no longer have things in common with long-time friends, family members and colleagues. In fact, it’s a good thing we have a new perspective and experience with those who maybe we have been tolerating far too long.

If that is the case for you – it’s time for a change in who we hang out with the most. Our vibe, frequency, wealth consciousness, boundaries, self-care, mindset, habits, and behaviors are all going through a shift upwards to a higher frequency. Not everyone currently in our life will understand it or relate.
It’s perfectly OK.

You have a few choices. Invite them to join you on the journey upward by encouraging them how exciting it is to learn new ways to succeed and be fulfilled. “This train is headed this way – want to join me?” Or you can love ‘em at a distance and begin to ease off your connection with grace and respect.

The late Jim Rohn, an international success mentor, author, and motivational speaker to millions over four decades, mentored some of today’s leading human potential leaders including Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Brian Tracy and T.Harv Eker.

Rohn is famous for this quote (and other versions of it), “You, your mindset and your income are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

Is it time to upgrade who those people are? Maybe you have already or are in the midst of doing so. This one action is crucial to sustaining your evolution, next level of success and ongoing fulfillment.

Be very protective of negative energy of others and their outlook on life. If it doesn’t line up anymore with who you are and where you are headed, love ‘em from a distance and bless them on their way. Then set an intention to find and build new relationships with your “new tribe.”
To an extraordinary week!


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