I’d love to include you in my “Holiday Humanity” Storytelling Campaign where I am currently gathering and then sharing written or video human interest stories of challenge to triumph, fear to liberation, ego to humbleness, and pain to love over the next month. This is my passion project – no selling – no catch – just connection.


storyI love storytelling – it’s the most direct way to an authentic connection. It causes emotional rapport on the spot. When you tell an inspiring human interest story you capture the hearts of thousands. Wait till you see the next email – an incredible story that did just that!


And your story could be one that changes lives. 


I’m giving you a platform to have your voice heard where I will be writing articles about you in my blog and social media about the power of storytelling and humanity.


Here’s the theme and request: 


It’s nearing the end of 2015 – another year to place in your memoirs. Share with me two things via email at support@marladiann.com

  1. What one or two experiences this year brought you to your knees and humbled you; but you turned that challenge into a gift by changing how you go about life. And then, how you gave that wisdom to others.
  1. Share 1- 2 major successes you had in your life this year – they can be personal growth, financial, professional, spiritual, health related, relationship driven, or global. Then explain how did that success change you?

Please keep this to 500 words or less and 2 minutes for video.


IMPORTANT: please let me know if I have the permission to share any one of these answers via a blog article, social media and email campaign. You could be a featured story inspiring others via my emails, social media and my blog!


Your life matters. Let’s share it with others. Isn’t that what we are here in earth to do? Help each other evolve? Send it on over to support@marladiann.com


So many blessings,

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