You know you are living your values when they can be hard to live.

I heard this on Barbara Corcoran’s podcast when she interviewed Marc Lore, serial entrepreneur who is globally recognized for selling to Walmart for $3 Billion. Hearing that immediately elevated my beliefs around living my values.

It was the integrity factor of that statement that sunk in for me.  You, too?

I assumed if I am living my values – good will always come out it and I will attract those who align with the values.  What I didn’t think about is the possible resistance or “snub” I may encounter by others who are not living those values and being the recipient of their misaligned behavior.

Maybe one of your values is trust, transparency, or vulnerability. Rather than feel badly or even apologetic when someone responds out of alignment to the value, let’s shift to an empowered place knowing this is just part of the territory.

Instead of feeling offended, take a stand for our truth knowing we can live congruently and unapologetically.

The sure sign you are living your values is the experience of being “stung” and know it just comes with the territory.  We have to remind ourselves of the incredible empowerment we get from all the times we lived our values and it did good for all. It takes courage and belief to live our values more consistently.

I have three tips to help you live your values by speaking your truth.

(1) Listening to and trusting your intuition will help you speak your truth.

(2) Speaking from a place of love and integrity is one of the noblest, kindest, most humane actions we can take. It creates an opportunity for unity and understanding.

(3) Your courage to speak your truth will earn you new clients, more loyal clients, higher fees, respect, a reputation for honesty and integrity, and above all confidence.  When you face your truth and speak it out loud you face your challenges with integrity and a bold heart.

Are you willing to integrate these new behaviors (or recommit to them) this week? Give it a whirl! I’d love to know what confidence and positive results you create. Comment below.

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