ImpactToday’s most influential, impactful brands tell a story; a struggle to victory story. We all have a time in our lives where we were at the edge and it took everything we had to pull from the depths of our spirit to create the victory; be it better health, new wealth, more quality relationships, overcoming an addiction, overcoming a major fear, maybe learning to be a compelling speaker, or overcoming a disease. Whatever that story is for you – you defied the odds and triumphed. That story is in there waiting to be told in a certain way. Your real voice is not the voice of fear. It’s the voice of who you were made to be. And that shows up when you tell your story.


I’ll repeat it again…today’s most influential and impactful brands tell a story; a struggle to victory story. It’s not the best SEO. It’s not the most amazing website. It’s not even the best looking photos. It’s not the facts, figures, or stats that make a dynamic and memorable brand. 


Yes, those all help and are important. I do coach much of that AFTER we define your story. But they are not THE most impactful way to influence your audience to take an action or position you as a leader.


Those other skills and strategies do support the conversion process BUT the strongest tipping point is how you tell your story and how it emotionally connects you to others. That is influence and impact.


Your life matters.


An outstanding life is living your high standards, keeping word with yourself; not settling and inspiring others to do the same. With your story you have the ability to do that.


If inspiring people is not your thing then PLEASE pass this onto someone you know who has a remarkable story that needs to be told. You know their story will impact lives. (Everyone, including you, has a story that will inspire others on some level to move to the next level of their life.)


Think about the seminars you have attended. What did you emotionally remember the most about that day? The facts and figures? The PowerPoint? The strategies? Were they lasting? What you more than likely remembered months later perhaps years later was the personal triumph stories of those who struggled and then triumphed.


Why do stories stick with us? Because, we apply the story to our own lives. It’s in our DNA. We can’t not help but be inspired to take an action.


Imagine how you can do that for others?


Let’s get creative. Let’s pretend a screenwriter and Hollywood producer approaches you to make a movie about your life.


Ponder about these questions and answer:

1. What would the title of your movie be?

2. What one experience caused you to uplevel, transform, and then triumph? Explain
in detail the experience with emotion as if you are telling someone the story.

3. Who would play the lead actor in your movie?

4. What would be the main message of your movie?


Be a STAND OUT brand that inspires others to take an action (your offer).




On May 15th during my workshop, “Turn Your Personality into Profit,” we will transform you into an impactful, influential storyteller who changes lives. You will learn your branding is who you are; not what you do.


Here’s what you will be inspired to do on May 15th in Santa Monica:

1. Raise the effectiveness of your branding online and offline through the power of storytelling.

2. Turn online followers into clients.

3.  Impact lives via your story even if you think you have no story to tell.

4. Increase your likes, shares, and conversion rates with your authentic, vulnerability.

5. To look closely at your disempowering money habits and release them in order to create a NEW truthful, empowering relationship with money that is translates to respect, dignity.


Here’s my story – (


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Please let me know how my story inspired you in any way by commenting below. Would love to know!


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