Happy springtime! How have you been? Is your 1st quarter of business on the upswing? Or have you realized you need new strategies and tools to up-level and FAST?! Hang tight –  I have a business tip here that could change the structure of your business and raise your credibility and revenues!


It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been with you. I apologize for the delay! I’ve been focused on developing programs and producing my current Urban Chic VIP branding training we just had last week.


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Here we are in full color! I am so proud of these entrepreneurs and their courage to dig in and recalibrate how they operate with money, in-house systems, branding, marketing, and sales. It’s only been a little over two months since we started their 6 month program and their breakthroughs and changes are popping like popcorn! Several industries are represented in the group – events, entertainment, coaching, and insurance.


Here’s the short but powerful business tip for you that could pull you out of a funk and raise your standards in how you bring in clients…


As part of the branding perception content in last week’s training, I had my clients go through a checklist of how they and their business are being perceived. Then I had them choose at least three items they could raise their standards in immediately. Some of many of those items on the checklist were:

  • Bio/story
  • Marketing  materials
  • Speaking
  • Industry credentials
  • Your appearance – the way you dress
  • How accessible you are
  • Where you choose to be seen and with whom (events, who you hang out with, etc.)


One of the more intriguing items we discussed was “how accessible you are.” As one client said, “I thought the more accessible I am the better my customer service, but I am seeing that is just not how to run a leveraged business that raises my credibility and value.”


I was smiling. 


This is the business tip I am offering you today. How many times have you actually thought the same as my client? If you were not easily accessible to a client or prospective client he/she would leave or think less of you or go to a competitor?


Not the case at all. In fact, the opposite is true. You want the right type of client that respects your systems. You also gain more respect and a higher value. You are teaching others how to treat you. This goes for prospective clients seeking your service and current clients needing support.


Now I am not saying don’t offer high level Ritz Carlton service. I advocate you offer top level service – but hold yourself in dignity and be sure you have systems in place to do the access for you until it’s the right stage to access you.  Does that make sense?


The end result? Higher revenues more consistently, leveraged time, high level service, and a peace of mind.


This and dozens and dozens more savvy business strategies, tools, and mindset are taught and encouraged in my Urban Chic: The Brand of You Mentorship Program. I have a very timely offer for you.


brand of you - urban chic


In about two months, I will begin the enrollment period to fill (8) spots for the next Urban Chic Mentoring Program that begins in July. For only two weeks, March 15 – April 4,  I am giving you the opportunity to enroll at my 2014 rates before I raise the program investment.


If you have been observing my mentoring online and offline and have been curious how this Urban Chic group mentoring program could benefit you – I am scheduling (5) 30 minute discovery calls to examine your stage of growth and if you are ready for this type of business and branding mentoring.


The type of entrepreneur that does well in this program is courageous, has a no excuses approach to life and business, a willingness to invest in yourself, and is overly eager to make significant changes in your business that gives you back your time and sanity.


Please click here to email my team to schedule your inquiry call. I’m excited to talk to you!


Wishing you loads of joy, prosperity and expansion!