Now more than ever is the time to develop a “purpose-driven” business and brand due to the condition of our country and the collective consciousness since November’s election.  There is a rumbling of serious change. We need to band together as women entrepreneurs to raise humanity through the work we do in the world.


marla-blogWhat does purpose-driven mean?


My definition is this: expand your business vision beyond your immediate scope and claim your business as a global, thought leader brand that stands for a cause. Then, design all your programs, services, offerings and marketing to align with that social cause greater than who you are.


Now that doesn’t necessarily mean change your business! Offer the same services, but wrap your branding, perception and positioning around a broader emotional purpose.


For example, my purpose-driven platform is Global Women’s Leadership. As a business mentor and coach to creative women entrepreneurs, I take a stand for women’s empowerment through my deep passion wanting to see women excel and inspire global change initiating from their relationship with money.


My core purpose is to help heal and transform women’s relationship with money as a catalyst for change in their life and that of others. It is my contribution to the greater good for women’s global leadership. By mentoring women how to build confidence, stronger boundaries, higher self-worth and clarity of their power via re-calibrating their relationship with money, I see a ripple effect spanning the globe.


Make sense?


Let’s have you explore a “purpose-driven” platform for your business and brand by asking yourself these initial few questions:  (BTW, this is a very powerful brand strategy that will surely raise you above all that heavy online density! Leaders initiate conversation in social media channels about their platform to cause change. That’s a “thought leader” brand.)

  1. Why did you choose to monetize your passion into a business? It started with inspiration to enhance what?
  2. What current cultural trend, innovation, or social movement inspires you? (Success leaves clues – pay attention to your answer)
  3. What could be the bigger purpose in your business that uplifts and innovates humanity?

No need for a lengthy answer or too deep of thought. This ideally should come to you easily. Shift from your head to your heart and you will have your answer. Intuition will always trump logic.


Please share your answers with me at the bottom of the blog!


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No time better than now to enter 2017 with a clear plan for profits while contributing your vision and inspiration to the greater good! Please reach out to my team to schedule a 30 minute exploratory call to see if this is a fit for you. I have 3 slots between now and January 20.


Have an outstanding week,

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