I know. It’s right around the corner.

Now more than ever you need to be reading every morning and night your visions (hopefully a vision board).

Right about now you are hopefully getting ready or fully into planning your 2018 goals and revenues.

Right? But hang tight. Don’t finish the planning just yet.

I have a very specific Masterclass that will make your 2018 revenues planning and implementation close to a slam dunk, if you do what I will be teaching you. If this one vital component is missing – you are sure to have a challenge at achieving your financial goals.

Conversely, if you have this one vital component in place and are committed to applying it to your life and business, you are sure to be on the fast track to achieving those goals.

The one vital component is ….the condition of your wealth consciousness.

This is not just another wealth consciousness class.

Imagine boldly moving into 2018 with a new mindset and new relationship with money that raises your confidence, belief, and revenues.

Imagine just how much that one element will immediately change how you plan ahead and determine the probability of achieving those revenue goals or even higher than what you expected.

Upgrading your relationship with money and your wealth consciousness will change how you make decisions and shift the trajectory of your life.

It’s that profound in how I teach it. Just ask my clients.

In fact, I will be walking you through the answers to my client’s favorite and most commonly asked questions in my FREE MASTERCLASS “Raising Your Wealth Consciousness for Higher Sales Conversion”

You will learn:

How to have empowering money conversations during the sales process, or with clients or your spouse. And have the time for Q & A to your most pervasive money relationship challenges.

Let me ask you—

Have you been in a sales conversation or meeting with a qualified potential client and you were about explain your packages and pricing, which you finally decided to raise your rates the day or week prior, and you caught yourself hesitating on saying the new rates and backed down at the last minute by offering the old rates for fear the potential client would not be willing to pay your higher rates?

Sound familiar?

That is exactly what I mean by your wealth consciousness MUST be in a higher vibe and belief status before you can even be confident in saying and accepting your higher rates, let alone living a higher affluent life.

This is one of many money conversation scenarios that affect your bottom line and achieving your annual revenue goals.

Regardless of your beautiful talent – if you doubt your worth or next level of worth, you will be hard pressed to move into that new level of financial success.

However, it’s all possible when you put in the work to recalibrate your thoughts, behaviors, and habits with money.

I am inviting you and your friends and colleagues to unlock the key to your future and brilliance while being courageous to face those concerns about money so you can stand for your worth and dignity, —- finally.

Success in pricing and closing sales begins with your own money relationship and what you unconsciously feel you are worth.

If you are committed to finally moving into higher revenues and rates I invite you to register for my live webinar Masterclass, “Raising Your Wealth Consciousness for Higher Sales Conversion” registration is right here. Just choose which date works best for you or attend both!

Tues.,Oct 31 or Thurs., Nov 2 at 12 noon L.A, 3 pm NY or 9 pm Italy.

Let’s do this! Pass this along to your friends and colleagues. Pay it forward.