Intention and the habit of claiming it clearly daily is absolutely the most powerful way to live a happy, fulfilling life. Live an intentional life, right? But as most of us well intentioned professionals – life can get in the way due to overwhelm and trying to balance all of our priorities. It’s exhausting! For that reason alone – I am highly encouraging you to create a habit of claiming an intention every day. It will change your life.


marla1Examples of intention could look like writing in your journal in the morning before you start your day by claiming: “Today I trust all interactions with others is peaceful, calm and affirmative.” Or “Today my intention is to laugh more and worry less.” Or how about this one: “Today I am in a healthy, respectful relationship with money and grateful for the good it does in my life and the world.” Love that.


Did that money intention hit a chord with you at all?


When we set an intention around money by having a healthy connection with it, our lives will begin to shift and attract situations to align with that intention. But first you must identify what might be getting in the way of the intention.


We all want it – more money and the freedom it promises. Only can we have it minus the conflicting emotions? The arguments with our significant other; the guilt and the fear or worry.


So you make a plan. Set goals. Set intentions. Decide to ‘do something’. Even try budgeting. Only before you know it you’re right back where you started. What happened?!


We have the process of handling money in our life, business and relationships completely upside down. We think we’re supposed to ‘be practical’ so we try to budget, create spreadsheets and run our money life as if it’s detached from any emotions. Inwardly, we hope and pray, telling ourselves that somehow it’s all going to magically change.


But this approach is backwards. And it flat out doesn’t work. It’s stressing us out and making us feel as if we’ll never break through our glass money ceiling. And because money is at the center of every decision we make in our lives, there’s no getting around it. Sooner or later there’s a wake-up call that happens for each of us.


So…is there an upside? YES! And here it is. (Create an intention around this)


What if – FIRST – you got clear on how you actually wanted to feel about money? Then consciously chose a new approach to making more money, keeping and spending consciously and even just being able to talk about it in a way that felt natural, simple and most of all, do-able? What if your new money consciousness and the skills that back it up became the grounding, positive influence for you enriching your life?


Now those are powerful intentions around money!


You know what will happen with this kind of inner clarity and outer skills?

  • You’ll feel the way you really want to feel about money.
  • You’ll make decisions easier.
  • You’ll feel a surge in your self-worth.
  • You’ll see an increase in your net worth – your bank accounts will show it.
  • You’ll know how to have open-hearted and productive money conversations.
  • You’ll have more money for the people, experiences and goodies you want in your life.
  • You’ll have more to give because you’ll know what to say yes to, and what to say no to.
  • You’ll feel empowered to make new choices that make you happier.
  • You’ll feel much more confident in most areas of your life due to your new relationship with money. (How you do money is how you do everything).
  • You’ll see debt balances go down and less urges to spend money that’s available on the card to spend.


Those and so much more! Want to get started recalibrating now? Initially begin with your money intention and then take these 5 steps:


1. Open your wallet. Throw out all the old receipts, file the important receipts in a clean folder for good bookkeeping, clean out all old stuff in there and make room for MORE money to be neatly placed in your wallet. For the ladies, find all the loose change and bills sitting at the bottom of your purse and put it neatly in your wallet. Better yet, buy a new wallet that makes you feel regal, rich and abundant and be on the lookout for new money coming your way. (This works on respecting your money more).


2. You know all those gift cards and gift certificates you forgot about in your wallet or in the desk drawer? USE them now. Put your money in circulation and let it flow. (When you hoard your gift cards, you are keeping money from flowing in your life. Money is meant to be circulated to grow.) Then ask yourself where else do you hoard money (frugality) out of fear there is not enough or you believe the last buck stops here (you).


3. Identify places and situations you give away your power with money (i.e., charging low rates or fees, bartering your services frequently, hoarding money, ignoring debt or bills in the mail, avoiding looking at your bank balances, infrequent bill paying to name a few).


4.  List how you COULD stand in your power with money and ALL the benefits of your courage. (Family, business, work, spiritual, health, vacations, etc.)


5. Turn your lack statements about money into affirmative statements and read them every day (no exception!). Example:

  • Lack mindset: “My father (or mother) was content with little money, so what do I do?”
  • Abundant mindset (the truth): “I am breaking the chain of my family money legacy and rewriting my own healthy and respectful money legacy for my family and beyond” Example:
  • Lack mindset: “I am afraid I have to work twice as hard to earn more and I just don’t have any more time or energy to do that!”
  • Abundant mindset (the truth): I’m grateful I’ve learned to be an excellent steward of time and money as I confidently live a life of wealth, achievement and fulfillment!”

Remember thinking and acting AS IF before it shows up!


marla2As you’re looking to grow your business and attract new clients the key is not to reinvent the wheel but to evolve it. Your beliefs and patterns around money have a MASSIVE impact on the growth, or lack thereof, in your business. In transforming these beliefs and patterns you will be blown away by the results of your business efforts. I’d love to help you breakthrough to your next level of financial success. Click here to fill out our form and request a discovery call.