She’s got a 1000 watt smile with energy and talent to go with it!

Meet Veronica Puleo, co-founder of The Replicas Music & Productions based in Los Angeles, CA.

Since 2011 her music agency has represented many of the music industry’s top talent. From studio to stage, they have wowed audiences across the country and
paved the way for many artists and generations to come.

Many of her artists currently tour or have toured with some of the biggest names in music. Veronica truly represents the empowered, savvy, over-the-top smart, woman business owner I was privileged to mentor and coach to her next level.

I suspect her key challenges coming into the coaching program will resonate with you since sales systems and conversion rates are every entrepreneur’s struggle to overcome.

I’ll let her tell you directly what happened:

“My money relationship prior to being coached by Marla had more of a chaotic energy around it. Although I’ve had a decent relationship with money for most of my adult years and very detailed, where I needed the most help and guidance was having a proven ‘sales system’ in place where I am in complete control of the sales process. Marla did that for me.

I had so many client proposals in limbo in my pipeline … a lot of ‘not knowing’ where these prospects were in their decision-making process. That chaos and drama around my sales has now gone away!

My decision-making abilities were shifted, too due to learning new boundaries by taking complete control of each and every sale I make. Now having an even better relationship with my money and able to reach higher money goals with ease, I also eliminated a lot of the fear.

I enjoyed during her program being reminded that Universal Law and the Law of Attraction are really on my side and wants me to win. Learning her sales system, how to hire a V.A., delegating, and creating client guidelines have made the biggest difference in my business and revenues currently and going forward!“

What I found profound was the elimination of the “in limbo” proposals sitting in her CRM system waiting for closure. In a proven sales system, that is exactly what you want. The key qualities of a solid system are:

  1. Automated screening of your initial inquiries with an online form using qualifying questions.
  2. Staying in control of the entire sales process by securing dates and times for follow through.
  3. Requiring an incentive rate with an expiration date. (This ends all the chasing of clients and not wondering where they stand with your offer)

Veronica is an excellent steward of her sales system now. She is rarely in the dark about her potential client’s status. How about you?

Let’s have a 60 min discovery call to explore the effectiveness of your sales system and business goals. Just pop on over to and fill out the form to schedule your call with me.