marlapic2Mid-November in my 2nd article of a series, {Passion Project} Serving Humanity Opens Our Hearts, I launched #HolidayHumanity Storytelling Campaign, where I shared the deeply inspiring “Caine’s Arcade” video story – about the little boy who sparked a global imagination and creativity movement. In 2012, a chance encounter between a filmmaker and a nine-year-old entrepreneur sparked a worldwide movement celebrating creativity, play and the power of imagination. That movement is now called IMAGINATION FOUNDATION.


Click here for the article and video if you need a refresher. But come on back for the new story I’m sharing below!


It’s stories like these that give us faith in humanity especially in a time where fear has set in much too deep given the recent events in Paris and the state of global affairs. This is my way of rekindling faith!


It’s in that faith and trust where miracles small and large happen.


The NEW story below is actually an interview I did with one of Imagination Foundation’s Chapter Leaders, Tonya Fletcher, an educator in the North Carolina School System. She is a Mom and advocate of youth leadership. She shares her insights being a youth advocate fostering entrepreneurial skills and innovation via her local Imagination chapter. She shares the excitement of how being involved has broadened her connections globally and that of her students.

  1. marlapic1Why did you choose to be an Imagination Foundation chapter? 

As soon as I read about the Imagination Chapters, I knew I wanted to be a part of one. I remember being inspired by Caine’s Arcade when I first read about it. I became even more impressed with the Imagination Foundation as I learned more. I jumped at the opportunity to apply and actually cried with happiness when I found out I would be a 2015 Chapter leader.


Creativity is at the core of this movement. I am certainly not the most talented artist or maker in this world, but I have always loved creating.  As a mom of two makers I know how important it is to them as well.  My son is building and creating every single day.


The year before this all came about I became a SciGirls leader and started a makerspace in our media center at my school. The Imagination Chapters seemed to meld all of these great ideas into one cohesive theme. Project-based learning, 21st century skills, STEM activities, makerspaces, and genius hour are all important parts of our group.

  1. What are the global benefits for you personally and for the kids being attached to the organization?

I did not realize how much my students and I would grow by being a part of the Imagination Chapters. It was actually to my surprise to learn how many of the chapters are in other parts of the world.


For our first group training I was chatting with people living in Europe and Asia. The next month our fourth graders were Skyping with a leader in Africa who was interviewing a Pluto scientist in India. We have a Facebook group for the chapter leaders and we can all post ideas, photos, videos, and links. It is very encouraging to have such access to all of these like-minded people who value creativity and the ideas that children have.


As my students were participating in the Global Cardboard Challenge we were seeing what other kids were building in Bolivia, Mexico, and Nigeria. My students are becoming more globally aware and connecting with classrooms all over the world. My own ideas and projects are much bigger than they have ever been! Being an Imagination Chapter leader is truly the best project I have ever done as an educator.

  1. What reaction and results thus far have you seen with the kids in the program? 

The biggest reaction from the students has been that of excitement! They are always very engaged whenever we do any type of creating. Part of the benefits of being an Imagination Chapter is the support from companies like MakeDo, Ozobot, JoyLabz, and LittleBits. You can still create even without these materials, but they sure have brought an element of fun to our projects!  I also love that when we do an activity at school; students are going home and expanding on that. Parents have sent me pictures of their children’s cardboard arcades built at home.  One child asked his mom to buy him an Ozobot so that he could make code at home. We are making ripples that are making the world a better place!


I believe that creating, problem-solving, and innovation will help them all become the leaders of tomorrow.  


And that’s a wrap!


Next story illuminates the virtue of patience and compassion between a woman and her mother. A lesson we can all relate to. Remember, I am accepting stories that inspire! Please send your success, struggle to victory or enlightened story to with a photo of you and up to 500-750 words or a 2 minute video.


We’d love to feature you in my #HolidayHumanity Campaign to spread love, faith and cheer.


Happy Thanksgiving friends & Abundant Blessings!

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